About the Economicalist

I am a resident of Spartanburg, South Carolina and I study prices and trends in pricing for my own budget, and because it interests me. My four year college degree is a Bachelor of Science in Economics, and I double-majored in Marketing. For over 20 years, I have had positions controlling the marketing, pricing, and strategies of retail businesses. Retired and a consumer instead of a price-controller now, I study and report on ways to save on consumables. My focus is on securing a family’s one-year stockpile and emergency supplies. In doing this, I will also report and advise on understanding not only pricing patterns, but spending patterns and strategies to help a family make the most of any budget.

About this blog:
Right now, it’s hosted on wordpress.com, which is a free blog-creating website. I don’t pay for hosting, wordpress.com gets nothing from me, so they post their own ads in various places on my blog in order to generate revenue. That’s fine with me, it’s their business, if I didn’t like it, I’d make my own blog and pay for it some other way. I don’t pay for any advertising, and I do not get paid by any of their ads.

My own internal links are another matter, though. If I find a service or product that I like and that I want to talk about, I always check the product or service website first and see if there is any way to gain some purchase credit, coupon, money back, or other compensation if I send them new customers. Some of those are called “affiliate” links, although I don’t consider myself an affiliate marketer. The things I write and post about are things that I actually use and actually consider useful for those pursuing a more economical lifestyle. The point of posting the link isn’t the money I get from it, it’s promoting the product or service or idea and if someone agrees with me and the company benefits from it, then THEY should THANK me. Companies thank their friends (referrers) by paying them. It changes nothing about the price to the referred customer (you), it just means that the company pays a finder’s fee to the referrer (me) for sending them a customer (you). The opinions I express are mine, I don’t garner any wording or advertising copy from the issuing company, I just configure the link so that when the user clicks on it, if that user makes a purchase, I get something in return for prompting that purchase.

It changes nothing about your experience on the company’s website except that perhaps you get a discount, or you get directly to the page for the product to make checkout easier, but it certainly does not work against you. Following my links will either result in a net positive for you (less time and less money spent), or neutral (you’re going to do what you’re going to do anyway) but there is no negative effect on you at all for following my link. However, if you begrudge that process and feel you shouldn’t allow me to benefit from your purchase, just go to the company’s page directly instead of clicking on the link.

I do not do any social media, no Tw***er or Fac***ok or anything like that. Personal reasons. So, I know I miss out on 99.99% of the possibilities of actually making money off a link since this measly free wordpress site isn’t going to do much on it’s own. If you do social media, you’ll do better than I will at posting links and getting paid. It’s just the way I choose to live, I’ve traded a certain level of income in favor of a certain level of privacy.

Privacy … that’s another thing. If you read ALL the entries, you’ll notice that there are often contradictory and confusing demographics and details on family life. That’s intentional. I don’t mention how many kids I have, how many live at home, how many people actually live in the house, anyone’s age (other than a generic reference to generation or decade), medical information other than very vague or possibly misleading (did he have measles or chicken pox? Wasn’t relevant to the blog post and is none of anyone’s business so I lied.), or if I mention a relative, I might be vague or simply untruthful about the relative’s age, gender, and exact relation to me.

I lie about what someone was sick with, or where they live, or how far I had to travel to visit someone, or which generation and gender family member has a disability, which elder relatives are still living, or my exact travel dates, or birthdays, anniversaries, or any other identifiable information.

It’s because I have no one’s permission to talk about them on this blog and I’m not going to ask their permission, because they are my family, so they’d say “yes”, but that still doesn’t make it right. I don’t have an understanding of the people who vomit up all their personal information and put it online for the world to see, forever and ever. I find it appalling and offensive that parents post every detail of their children’s lives and pictures online. These are citizens, humans, they were born with the same rights you were born with, and you are violating their privacy and exploiting them without their informed consent. If they are minors, they are unable to provide informed consent. Because you think it’s funny to discuss their toilet-training, picky eating, or reactions to things that friends say, you feel it is acceptable to allow this personal information to be available for anyone from now on. I think it is shameful and possibly harmful to spread your minor children’s personal information this way.

Apparently that’s an unpopular opinion, due to all the Mommy blogs out there, and the romanticizing of the “timeline” feature on free websites. Awww, how can something so cute be harmful? Everyone loves my kid, I’m the only person in the world to ever have a baby so I need to tell you everything!

I don’t go to anyone else’s site and lecture them, and I don’t send this message to anyone. Even close friends and relatives of mine won’t know how I feel unless they read this page. I have kept this opinion to myself, and the only way to know it is to read this page.

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