Last chance for some of the coupons

Today is the end of the month, and the end of the year, so lots of coupons are expiring. If you’re behind due to the holiday, shopping, housecleaning, etc. now is the time to prioritize. At least cull out the low-value ones and throw them out, so you can focus on the high-value ones on items you stockpile.

Throughout the year, I sign up for mailing lists from brands and stores I frequent, so it’s pretty common for me to get higher value coupons in the mail than are offered in the Sunday paper or online. It’s very typical for those coupons to expire at the end of a calendar year. If I leave the house today to run some errands, those are the coupons I’ll bring with me and pick up the last of this year’s deals.

And, as always, new deals and sales and specials will start tomorrow, so today is not that crucial.

However, now’s the time to print and redeem those last-day coupons if you have not yet already. Check back again tomorrow for the new ones.

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