New link to add to aggregate coupon link list

For some extra coupons, try . This site hasn’t been around very long, and I’ve seen some pluses and minuses with it, so I debated as to whether to add it or not. I’ll list what I found here and you make your own decision.

The Good

  • Software to print was Revtrax, which I’ve already used, downloads quick and doesn’t change anything on your computer. No errors, only took a few minutes to install and get up and running.
  • Coupon values were high and they were brands I actually use. I saw several BOGOs, $2 and $1.
  • Simple to navigate by clicking on the brand button you want.

The Not-So-Good

  • You can only print one coupon at a time. You can’t stack them up and print all at once, which is really wasteful with your paper considering you should be able to fit 3 or 4 coupons per sheet of paper.
  • You have to click on the brand you want, then you only print that one brand (usually one coupon), and I think you are allowed two prints? I’m not completely sure because in at least one case, I’d go through the process to get an error page that said I had already printed what I was allowed. Either it should have been grayed out, or not available for me to click on, because that was a waste of time.
  • Many things you click on didn’t have a coupon but instead a link to a sale or notification about a special price. Kind of irritating. If it isn’t a coupon, and there is no coupon for that brand, why have it listed under “coupons”? Just say “Deal” or “Sale”. If it says “Coupon”, it should be a coupon.
  • After every coupon you print, you have a small two-question survey. Really that’s not a problem, probably helps them with direct feedback to their advertisers, but it does drag out the process. I really would have preferred one large survey at the end of the printing rather than a survey every coupon. A bit tedious.
  • I seemed to go in circles at first and found some bad pages that led to “Missing URL”. And sometimes, it seemed the screen would refresh and log me out and I’d have to log back in. Growing pains, I guess. That sort of thing I don’t hold against a new site. For long, anyway.

I did get some great value coupons I like, and I’m keeping it on the list, despite the annoyances. Maybe they’ll get some customer feedback and improve.

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