Bonus in your paper this Sunday!

There will be 5 coupon inserts in the Sunday paper this week. That’s usually the peak of the year. Two inserts is typical, one or three inserts is common, four or five only happens a few times a year. If you collect coupons, this is the week you’ll want to buy extra papers.

A few tips:

  • I’ve had bad luck getting newspapers from the outdoor paper machines. It seems that maybe other people get the machine open and take out the coupon inserts. After getting burned more than once, I stopped buying from the outside vending machines.
  • It’s a slightly better bet to buy papers from a vendor that keeps their papers inside, near the customer service counter, like the Publix and other grocery stores. It seems that in areas with supervision, you have less of a problem with pilfered coupon inserts. However, it’s a good idea to pick out the paper, go to the customer service counter, then BEFORE you pay look through the paper to be sure all the inserts are included. If you do this in full view of an employee, they’ll know you aren’t pulling anything shady. If it does not have all the inserts, let them know, and pick out another paper. It’s YOUR money, be sure you get what you pay for.
  • It seems like there are some stores that never have a Sunday paper. There’s a particular store that’s very close to where I live, I won’t mention the name, and they are always missing their Sunday papers. I have pointed this out and received no more concern than a shrug and a “I guess we don’t have any today.” I’m suspecting either theft or apathy on the parts of the employees, but it’s none of my business, so I go elsewhere.
  • You can also buy papers from the Herald Journal office on Main Street just past the clock downtown. Again, before you leave the counter, check the paper and be sure it has the inserts. I will tell you from experience, they have NO concern at all that the paper has the correct inserts. They will say they do not guarantee inserts. With that in mind, it’s your money, before you leave the counter, and before you pay, be sure it has the inserts. If it does not, ask for another one.

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