Ways to coupon for free – number one, part two

As I mentioned in Part One, every store you enter, before you shop, stop by the customer service counter and ask if they have any coupons. They might have coupons, or the store sales flyer, but either way it will help you on that particular trip and it will cost you nothing.

Part Two of this plan is to check your receipt after the transaction. Many stores now want customer feedback and are willing to pay you for it. If you check your receipt, you will often see that it is has either a coupon code good for your next visit, or a customer survey. There will either be an 800# for you to call to take the survey, or an online one. At the completion of the survey, you’ll be given a coupon code for your next visit. There are other offers at the bottom of receipts, sometimes for free gift cards, sometimes for a drawing for prizes.

I have a business card holder full of $2, $5, and $10 gift cards for various stores that I’ve received from many different instant wins, call-in surveys, and bonus offers just from checking the fine print at the bottom of the receipt. It’s FREE MONEY, and it’s for stores that I obviously visit anyway, so I’ll take it!

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