What I haven’t done this year

Usually, in the first few months of year, I’m re-evaluating and re-stocking my stockpile that I’ve depleted in the flurry of the last few months of the previous year, due to holiday travel, generalized stress and time-management crunches, and weather-related inconveniences hindering usual shopping habits.

Hasn’t happened this year. Last year, by the end of the year, I was fairly well stocked, and needed only a few adjustments.

I haven’t been stockpile shopping since sometime around Thanksgiving. I have purchased fresh items, fruit and vegetables and dairy (although I have several things in the freezer). I’ve also bought some fresh sandwich bread and pita breads and pet food.

After three months, really the only things I need to stockpile are:

  • toilet paper
  • pet food
  • frozen vegetables
  • … some meats, like bacon and sausage

We actually just ate the last of the 3 turkeys I roasted for Thanksgiving. I had one turkey that I had roasted before Thanksgiving, that I had deboned, separated the meat and saved the stock and drippings for Thanksgiving recipes. Then, we had the actual Thanksgiving turkey. Then, immediately after Thanksgiving, turkeys were on sale for 47 cents a pound, so I had bought another and roasted it, deboned and separated the meat and froze packages individually. Since then, I’ve made stews, casseroles, pot pies, soups, pizzas, tacos, sandwiches, and lots of other recipes with my frozen individual turkey packages. We’re on the 10th week of not having to buy meat.

February is a good month to stock up on many things I use throughout the year, so I will probably go ahead and get started sometime this month. Soups, frozen items, and many pet foods are all at a good price.

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