Deadline TOMORROW for several store coupons and great deals

Prices change at Bi-Lo and Publix on Wednesdays, but the in-store flyer at Publix expires tomorrow (Friday) the 15th. There are several good combination deals that are valid at both Publix and Bi-Lo if you need to grab them before they expire.

  • Spice Islands – dry spices – $1 off Publix coupon, $1 off manufacturer’s coupon. Most packages are a minimum of $3.49, so getting $2 off really helps.
  • Barilla pasta sauce, 55 cents manufacturer’s coupon plus 75 cents Publix coupon. Bi-Lo will double the manufacturer’s coupon to $1.10 plus add the 75 cents competitor’s coupon, for a total of $1.85 off a $2.69 product.
  • Philadelphia cream cheese $1 off three containers Publix coupon, $1 off two containers manufacturer’s coupon. Not the lowest price I’ve seen, regular price is $2.69 and you have to get 6 of them to get the best deal. But okay. Especially if you use cream cheese a lot or plan on doing a lot of baking with it.
  • Lots of frozen/snack food deals that I don’t use, but were a really good price if that’s what you use.

Check your expiration dates and don’t miss out!

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