Worth leaving the house today! Penny, free, and half price stuff

I didn’t even want to leave the house today. It’s gray, cold, windy, and Wednesday. I was going to stay inside and organize my baking goods so I’ll know what to put on my list before the giant Thanksgiving binge. However, there’s a few things going on that I can’t pass up, so I thought I’d pass it on.

  • The penny item today at Publix is a 32 ounce box of oatmeal. Get it! It’s one day only, and you need the coupon you’ll find in the front section of your newspaper. Oatmeal is not just used as oatmeal, it’s a stretcher for ground meat, main part of homemade granola (if you are still paying $4 a box for store-bought granola… you don’t have to!), useful in all sorts of baked goods like cookies, breads, rolls, pretty much anything with a grain component. Oatmeal can be sweet or savory, and is useful in desserts, breads, main dishes, and makes a hearty substitute for wheat products.
  • If your Bi-Lo (in some areas, Winn-Dixie) accepts competitor’s coupons, there is currently a one-day coupon for a dozen large brown eggs for $1. It’s an Earth Fare coupon, located at earthfare.com, and it is good for today only.

Just these two things alone make it worth leaving the house. However, since I’m at Bi-Lo, I’m also going to be picking up:

Carrots are Buy One Get One Free. Rare deal, and we all like carrots, so I’m getting several.

Bi-Lo’s store brand is Southern Home, and they have their own brand of rice (bagged) at Buy One Get One Free. It’s not often you see store brand at half price, and considering this is something you can stock up on and keep in your pantry for a long time, I recommend getting it.

I’ll put together a longer list for shopping this weekend, there are lots of BOGOs at both Bi-Lo (Winn Dixie in some areas) and Publix. Also, one deal to watch at Rite-Aid – if you are interested in buying gift cards to give as presents for Christmas or other occasions, there’s currently a $6 +UP (meaning you get a $6 off coupon printed at time of purchase) when you buy a Chili’s $25 gift card. Limit of 2. That’s $50 in gift cards for net $38 out of pocket. I won’t be grabbing this one because that’s not a restaurant that the people on my list would want. However, there’s different deals every week, so I thought I’d pass this on in case anyone out there is interested.

For our family, I keep a lookout for a few specific ones – footwear, gas cards, grocery store cards, general store (Sears, Target, Marshall’s), and some food (Subway, Dunkin Donuts). One family member visited this past week and I loaded him up with various food, gas station, and grocery gift cards that should last him until the next time I see him. He likes really good quality footwear and only buys one pair or maybe at most two a year, so I prefer to get him the better shoes which unfortunately cost more. It takes some planning but I will keep an eye out for gift card deals for footwear, or at least, I’ll keep watching my alerts at Cardpool for discounted gift card.

Collect gift cards all year long, that you bought at a DISCOUNT, save them for either shopping that you want to do, or give the gift card itself.


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