Go now – great clearance at Office Depot!

Lots of school supplies are on clearance at Office Depot. There’s notebooks for 19 cents to 39 cents, tape, scissors, file folders, three ring binders, and backpacks. Lunch packing supplies, bags, storage containers, re-usable water bottles. All are 90% off regular price. I had coupons also and spent $33.05 (actually zero out of pocket because I had a gift card from a different promotion!) and got:

  • 2 Swiss Gear backpacks – these are good quality, name brand!
  • 7 rolls of duct tape
  • package of 5 gel ink pens
  • 32 fabric Sharpie pens in various colors
  • full size hand santizer
  • sample size items for travel, 8 packages of various things
  • 2 boxes of quart size plastic resealable bags
  • zippered 3-ring pouch in a good size for coupons
  • post-it notes
  • 25 notebooks of various sizes (shopping list to full size school notebooks)

That’s over 80 useful items for $33.05. There was a lot more to choose from, but considering that the backpacks are usually $50 and up at regular price, this was a haul. Stuff like notebooks and pens and post-its we will always need. The fabric pens will be great as gifts and for craft stuff. And I was using a gift card that I got from another promotion they had run last month, so there was absolutely nothing I paid for these items out of pocket, and I used my rewards card for the purchase so I still got credit towards the next rewards. Overall some really great deals!


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