Great deals at Publix! Dollar Tree too.

OK, it wasn’t my usual 70-90% savings, but it was pretty close. There were some really good deals of some things that are rarely at a lower price. Also, the penny item today was a 4-pack of toilet paper. EVERYONE needs that. Here’s what I got:

  • Indulgence – rare for us but a nice treat – fresh cut pineapple, not canned, was Buy One Get One Free. It’s not cheap, but half price was the best it would get. I got 2 pounds at $2.50 a pound, WAY more expensive than canned, but fresh is just a huge difference. It’s maybe just two or three times a year I do this, and I’m not doing much shopping this week, so I went ahead and got it.
  • Prices on apples are dropping – several types of apples were $0.99 to $1.29 a pound. I prefer sour apples, my husband prefers sweet apples, so I bought several different types. We’ll have apples as snacks and with breakfast while they’re fresh.
  • Yoplait Greek yogurt – $1 each, with current 30 cent coupons that double to 60 cents off. Usually I can get yogurt for free, sometimes even better than free, but I really like the Yoplait 100 calorie and this is probably my only shopping trip this week, so I got them.
  • Kraft Recipe Makers in the Sweet and Sour Chicken – on sale for $2.49, plus I had a coupon for $1.50 off. Paying 99 cents for processed food is something I usually never do, however, this particular product makes several meals. It has two different sauces – a sweet and sour sauce and a sesame ginger sauce, and each one makes four servings when I add meat, vegetables, and rice or pasta – so that’s about 12 cents a serving. Not bad when you figure out the details.
  • Avocados were $1 each. There’s a few times a year that you’ll see coupons for Haas avocados, and now is not one of those times, but we really like them so again I indulged. Fresh produce is something that if I know I’m overspending, it will be on something that a) everyone likes; b) is healthy; c) I can stretch into several meals. I make my own guacamole (it’s easier than it sounds!) and we use it as spreads on sandwiches, as dips with whole grain chips/pita bread/tortillas, toppings for tacos or hamburgers, so two avocados will get used in probably 6 meals.
  • Bush’s beans – all on sale for 79 cents, I bought a few cans of the low sodium garbanzo beans. One family member likes those beans on all his salads, so having some extra cans on hand is always a good idea here. Canned beans keep for years and years, and sometimes there are coupons for canned beans, but I haven’t had much luck timing a coupon with a sale, so I went ahead and bought them. Usual price is around $1.29 a can, so 50 cents off is about what I would do with a coupon anyway, and right now I don’t have a coupon. so I got them.
  • Campbell’s cream of chicken soup – used as a base in lots of recipes – chicken pot pie, stews, soups, casseroles, a single can will stretch to at least 6, maybe 8 servings, depending on the recipe. They are on sale for $1 each, and I had manufacturer’s coupons for 50 cents off of 3 which doubled to $1, plus I had a Bi-Lo competitor’s coupon for 40 cents off, so I got 3 cans for $1.60 total.
  • Hellmann’s mayo – there were several on sale for $2.49 each in the clearance section. There’s a current printable manufacturer’s coupon for $1 off, and right now there is a Publix coupon for $1.50 off, so I made 1 cent each on two jars. If I had had more coupons I’d have bought more, but I’ll take free mayo plus a few pennies!
  • GE Reveal light bulbs are 50% off … Bi-Lo just had this same promotion last week, and I had only one coupon left over after that one, but I was able to get a 2-pack of 75 watt bulbs for $4.50 minus the $1 coupon. Light bulbs keep a long time, plus we’re in the process of swapping out some light fixtures and fixing some things around the house, so I actually did need new light bulbs. Again, this isn’t normally the kind of purchase I’d be making at the grocery store, but the timing was right and I did have a decent coupon.

There’s also some other produce deals – mushrooms, carrots, green peppers, Fresh Express salad was BOGO, and there’s some great deals on salad dressing. Bananas were on sale plus there was a current Bi-Lo coupon and Publix takes competitor’s coupons (sometimes – it’s not always exactly what they say it is but they mostly honor them), so we have plenty of fresh food this week.

A few good buys at Dollar Tree – Superpretzels in the frozen section are a filling, low-calorie snack for $1 and there’s a current 50 cent coupon, Progresso Recipe Starters are 50 cents each and there is a current 50 cent coupon (makes them free!), Jimmy Dean has a current coupon with no size or variety restrictions for 55 cents off any Jimmy Dean product, lots of personal care name brand products are available with current coupons.

If you need more coupons, see the post right before this one with links to the current printables.


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