Reminder – Wednesday is penny day at Publix

There’s always an item for a penny, and it’s always something you need. Last week it was paper towels. Before that, it’s been peanut butter, bottled water, and other essentials. Around Halloween and Easter, there’s usually one week where the penny item is a bag of candy, and we don’t really have much candy here and we never get trick-or-treaters (long driveway and we live in a sparsely populated area). Might have something to do with the balance of population tending more towards coyotes and raccoons than humans, so it’s probably considered a less desirable trick-or-treating neighborhood. But, if I get a bag of candy, I’ll donate it.

Lots of good deals coming up at Bi-Lo and Publix this week. Bi-Lo has some great fuel perks bonus deals happening, plus they have a large list of many items where you can “buy 5 and get $5 off”, which takes a little planning, but often with coupons you can do really well on those deals.

SavingStar has added a Cash Back Mall option where you can shop online at Land’s End, Kohl’s, JC Penney’s, Target, and several other stores, do your shopping as usual, and there will be a percentage cash back (anywhere from 1% to 5%) that shows up in your SavingStar balance. Nothing extra for you to do other than log on and click. I do recommend SavingStar and I use it a lot because you don’t have to do anything different, the money just shows up.

Several new coupons have shown up on and also, so I recommend checking those.

I had to pick up some apples and bananas and a few other things today, and WOW did Bi-Lo have a lot of meat on sale. I didn’t take advantage of much of it because I have two full freezers and am really trying to cook things down before the holidays, because I am going on a huge cooking binge for the holidays, and I want room for ham and turkey and all the trimmings in my freezer before then.

There is a current coupon for Ocean Spray cranberries and those were at a good price at Bi-Lo. I went ahead and bought them even if it is early, because I can make the cranberry relish ahead of time and freeze it and it’s one of those things that tastes exactly the same after it’s been frozen as it does when it’s fresh.

Milk was also at a really good deal and there’s several brands with current coupons. Catch up and print if you missed anything!

How are you doing on your fuel perks? I’m at $1.75 already and I still have 3/4 tank left in my car. I haven’t paid more than $4 for a tank of gas since August. Last tank of gas I bought cost $0.69 … that’s for the whole tank, not per gallon. I hope to convince you … this is one of those things that is worthwhile to chase. You have to buy groceries anyway, and so try to plan your buying ahead of time so you are buying the fuel perks bonus items (that are on sale, that also have an active coupon) because they change week to week. This week, I bought cheese, paper supplies, soup, vegetables, pasta, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, and granola bars, and have about half of what I need to get another nearly free tank of gas. This is one of those promotions that is worth putting the time in to pursue.

The major coupon sites that will list an aggregate of manufacturer’s coupons are:

Some stores also use e-coupons, loaded by your loyalty card or using your phone number. Go to the website and sign up, that way you don’t even have to print these coupons, you will automatically have them deducted at the checkout line.

Some stores also have their own printable coupons, or they may take competitors coupons. It’s worth it to print these out to match with the manufacturers coupons for double or better on the discount!

Don’t forget that just by walking in the door at CVS, you can get extra coupons printed at the automated machine. You scan the card in the machine’s reader, and it will print out coupons just for you. Some have very short expiration dates so pay attention, but these may be very useful on your trip.

If you do not already do this, I would recommend trying SavingStar. This is a program separate from coupons, you can shop as you normally shop, with or without coupons, and when you use your store loyalty card, savings are automatically posted to your account and you can claim the money online with Paypal. It won’t change anything about your checkout process.

Link to sign up for SavingStar

Proctor & Gamble, who make Scope, Crest, Cover Girl, and other brands, has a page where you can print their coupons directly.

You have to sign up, log in, and they do limit the number you can print per month. It’s a good augment to your list each month though, because they have many items that go on sale and are great to stock up on.

Also, I have a new coupon link to add to my list – Kimberly Clark products, such as Kleenex and Colgate.

On that page, it says if you share the link, you’ll get extra savings. In this particular case, I do not qualify for the extra savings by posting the link. The choices were Facebook, Twitter, and directly emailing them to people. I don’t do Facebook or Twitter at all (and hopefully can avoid them forever for my entire life), and I feel weird about directly emailing people stuff like that, so I’m just posting the link but not getting the “extra” savings. Actually, the coupons themselves are pretty good, so I don’t mind.


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