Publix penny item on Wednesday

Don’t forget to check your newspaper, first section, on Wednesday for the coupon for the penny item at Publix. There’s some good items on sale this week.

Apples, fresh pineapple, ham, pasta, pickles, soup, yogurt, and some cat and dog foods are at really good prices.

Bi-Lo has some good deals starting tomorrow, too.

Salad, pork chops, Barilla pasta sauce, carrots, shrimp, bread, and Jif peanut butter (our favorite) all on sale.

Lots more details after tomorrow, but don’t pass up the penny item! It’s always something you could use. It’s been paper towels, bottled water, cereal, bread, sliced cheese, many different things, always something useful. Except … sometime around Halloween, it’s usually bagged candy. We live so far out in the country we have never once had a trick-or-treater so we can’t use the candy, but I always get it anyway and give it away.


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