Great opportunity today – extra coupons in the paper, save for later!

This weekend, there are 3 inserts in the Sunday paper. If you don’t get the paper on Sunday, you can buy it at the newspaper’s business office tomorrow. It’s worthwhile because there are 3 inserts – Red Plum, Smart Source, and Proctor & Gamble. Most of the coupons are good until the end of October or later. There are lots of stock-up for fall/winter coupons – lots of baking items, cooking staples such as broth and mixes, convenience items, not a lot of frozen stuff but some good ones like frozen vegetables.

I won’t have a big shopping week this week (see my earlier post about the overflowing freezer!) but I’m likely to take advantage of a few of these deals.

  • Swanson broth coupon for 40 cents off of 2 cartons, and right now those are on sale Buy One Get One Free at Publix, PLUS there is a current Publix coupon available for $1 off a carton. That 40 cent coupon will double, the regular price is $2.65. Doing the math … BOGO makes it $1.32 each, buy two of them for $2.65. Use two of the Publix coupons for $2 off, which makes two cartons for 65 cents. Use the Swanson 40 cent coupon which will double to 80 cents, and you will get two free cartons of Swanson broth plus a 15 cent overage to use on your remaining shopping basket.
  • Harbor Freight has a 25% off coupon good on any one item. For the past few years, it had always been 20% off. Lately, just the past month or so, I’ve seen 25% off. Use these, there are so many things at tool stores that you use around the house way more than you think. They have a kitchen aisle, I see interesting things there all the time. Recently I bought a french fry cutter.
  • There’s a 55 cents off any one Mazola oil or spray product. No sale going on right now, but those frequently go on sale. 55 cents will double at Bi-Lo. It’s good until November 10th, so hang onto it and wait for a sale, this one will be worthwhile.

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