Get gift cards – cheaper than full price – no coupon, no problem!

Birthdays, holidays, presents for a special event – every retail store has a gift card now. The absolute best thing I have found about these cards is that you don’t have to pay full price at the store for the card.

I get my gift cards either from the deals I’ve mentioned here (which are usually only specific cards and limited amounts of time), or I get them from a gift card discounting site like Cardpool. It’s hard to know who to trust in that sort of area, because there are a lot of competing sites, but I’ve had really good luck with them! I have been able to consistently get a minimum of 10% off the stores I use the most, and the cards are good in the stores or online, and I’ve even had as much as 28% off. So that way, when you go to the retail store, any store, you are armed with a discount before you even start shopping.

AND … if the store offers a coupon … use your coupon before you pay for an even greater discount! But if it’s last minute, you can’t find a coupon, or you want to give the gift card itself as a gift, NEVER PAY FULL PRICE.

I highly recommend this service, this will work for anyone anywhere, it doesn’t have to be local, and the cards are also good on the retail store’s websites.

Link to get discounted gift cards at Cardpool

At a minimum, sign up for their mailing list with your preferences so they will email you when good discounts become available in the cards you want to watch. I keep a notebook with percentages off (some are worth more than others), and when a percentage is low enough for my ‘buy now’ I get them.

You’ll see there are some specifics. For example, my son likes Aeropostale and PacSun. I like CVS, Sears, Target, and Old Navy. I found that the really popular stores like Target, and Sears generally have low discounts (2% up to at most 8%) but considering those are places that run great sales and low prices, you’ll find even that extra 2% comes in handy. Many specialty stores, like restaurants, JC Penney, baby supply stores can get really high discounts, I once got a JC Penney for 28% off.

I watch this site all year long and save up my gift cards so I’ll have them when I need them. And again, they are always handy to keep around to give the card itself as a gift, you never know when that will save you a trip to a store and really make a great present! Sometimes you have that friend or relative that you aren’t sure what will make them happy, a gift card will always make them happy.

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