Great deals at Bi-Lo starting tomorrow!

Don’t forget to get your coupon out of the front section of the paper tomorrow and go to Publix for the penny item on Wednesday, also. I was in Publix this afternoon and I think I might know what it is. I saw them setting up a display, and it was a little out of the ordinary from their usual display. It was a large jug of the powdered coffee creamer and it was at the end of the aisle that had potato chips and snacks, and since it was out of place, I assumed that was the penny item.

Even if you don’t drink coffee, don’t ignore coffee creamer. Some are dairy based, some are corn and soy based, and they make a great thickener with a pleasant flavor for gravies and sauces. They are mild, creamy, slightly sweeter than using plain flour, and have a dairy (milk) flavor even when they aren’t the dairy-based kind.

Before you throw away your current Bi-Lo circular, cut out the manufacturer’s coupon for fresh chicken on one of the inside pages. It’s good for $1.50 off a fresh package of chicken and it’s good until the end of the year! I saved these from circulars back in August and recently scored a whole bunch of free chicken – they had it on sale Buy One Get One Free, and had some store markdowns for $1.50 off each, and with that and the manufacturer’s $1.50 off coupon, I got six packages for free and put them right in the freezer.

Coming up starting tomorrow, here’s what I’ll be buying:

  • Ball Park meat franks for $1.99, I have coupons for $1 off and some for 75 cents off that I’ll use (regular price $3.99)
  • Kraft cheese Buy One Get One Free – plus I have competitor’s coupons and printable manufacturer’s coupons, they’ll be close to free after that
  • Minute Rice in the ready-to-serve, $1.66 each, I have several coupons for $1 off that were on the insides of packages that I had previously bought at a discount
  • Southern Home Greek yogurt – it’s on sale for 90 cents, but I’m only going to buy the ones that are marked down with a “hot price” sticker. Might be hit or miss but it usually works out.
  • Old El Paso salsa, Buy One Get One Free, there are several manufacturer’s coupons out now, and we have Mexican food at least once a week
  • Green Giant valley fresh steamer frozen vegetables, Buy One Get One Free, plus there are several printable manufacturer’s coupons available now
  • Barilla pasta for $1, plus I have 55 cent printable manufacturer’s coupons that will double to $1.10, making them better than free! I’ll get extras and apply the ten cents on each one to the balance of the other items I’m buying
  • Ajax dish detergent for $1.79, plus 5 cents fuel perks bonus per bottle, plus there are current manufacturer’s coupons out for this item, making it less than $1 each with $1 each applied to fuel perks, making it better than free!

If you are missing any printable coupons, be sure to see any of my posts titled “new coupons” for whatever you need!

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