Buy today or tomorrow – grocery prices change Wednesday

If there’s a few things you need to pick up before the sale ends tomorrow, here’s what I recommend:

  • Smart Balance butter spreads are Buy One Get One Free at Publix, and there’s a recent printable coupon for 50 cents off that would double. Regular price is $3.69 each, BOGO makes it $1.85 each, using a coupon will make it 85 cents each.
  • Buy Finish dishwashing pods at Bi-Lo for $7.99 and get Clorox cleaning spray, Gain dishwashing detergent, and a roll of paper towels free. There’s a current coupon for Gain for 25 cents off that will double to 50 cents off. There was a coupon for Finish for 50 cents that would double to $1, but it expired this weekend. Still a good deal at $7.49 for all 4 items.
  • Petco has a deal with Purina One cat food, normally 85 or 89 cents a can, if you get 20 cans the price drops to $15 for all 20. There’s a current coupon that expires today for $1 off of 3 cans of Purina One. Get 21 cans, pay $15 for the 20 and regular price for the 21st, use 7 dollar-off coupons and pay around $8 for 21 cans, plus there are 2 current free can offers on the Petco page, so you’ll get a total of 23 cans for about $8. That’s close or better than the store brand price and my cat likes these better than the store brand, so I’m stocking up.
  • Any time you go into Office Depot during this sale time you’ll get a SurPrize card worth at least $10 (you won’t find out how much it’s worth yet), then when you shop in October, you find out how much the card is worth. The minimum is $10. Perfect for stocking up on highly discounted school supplies now, then using the discount next month for whatever you might need.
  • Red Gold canned tomatoes on sale at Publix for $1 a can, and there is a current printable 50 cent coupon that will double to $1, making it free.
  • Skippy Peanut Butter on sale at Publix for $2.50, there is a current coupon out for $1 off.
  • Bush’s Beans are on sale at Bi-Lo for $1 a can, there is a current printable coupon out for $1 off of 3 cans, plus a Publix coupon for $1 off 4 cans, meaning you could get 4 cans for $2.

All very useful stock-up items! Butter and butter spreads freeze just fine if you don’t have room in your freezer. The canned foods and cleaning supplies will be great to save if you don’t need them right now. Starting Wednesday, there are going to be some more great deals at Bi-Lo and Publix, I’m seeing frozen vegetables and canned foods and pasta on sale more often this time of year. If you need any of the printable coupons, see any of the posts I’ve made for “new coupon links” and you can get caught up on any of the ones you might not have so far. Check on the printable links a few times a month, they release new ones all the time. They release the majority of their coupons clustered around the beginning of the month.


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