Now’s the time for school supplies – go now!

Check the clearance aisles everywhere you go – Office Depot, Bi-Lo, Rite-Aid … they all have deeply discounted school supplies. This is the right time to pick some up and box them up for next year if you already have this year’s.

Great deal on printer paper at Office Depot also, good until Saturday.

I found packages of nice click pens for 80% off or more, plus supplies like notebooks, paper clips, labels, post-its at least 80% off.

If you aren’t going shopping but want to get ahead on deals and stuff right now, here are a few things:

Free music to download from Amazon (includes Bible stories and children’s tunes too):
Amazon’s Free Music Download Page

Getting name-brand clothes for less by buying secondhand at Like Twice:
When you join through this link, you will be credited $10 to spend. You can also sell items back to them if they meet the criteria. It’s for women’s clothes, not children or men’s, so those you should still stick to some of the local places.

Organize your food and recipes and stay efficient:

Cook’N recipe organizer software with bonus 20% off, directly from the software manufacturer.

If you would prefer to buy it from Amazon instead, maybe you have other things you want to buy, here’s a link to get it at a discount from Amazon with free shipping:

Cook’n Recipe Organizer Version 10

A GIANT time saver! If you don’t want to do your Price Tracker by hand every week, or you need a quick answer on “Who’s got baby wipes the cheapest if I have to run out the door and get them RIGHT NOW?” you will absolutely save time and money by joining the Grocery Game website. It’s $5 or $10 or close to it (depends on which stores you choose) and they have promotions running regularly for combination deals. Great time-saver and you won’t miss out on deals. I sort by store and search for the best prices, it lists them with and without coupons.

It’s called The Grocery Game, and I’ve reviewed and tried a lot of sites, this one has been worth the money.

The Grocery Game


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