A recommendation for first aid resources

Quick note – I subscribe to Rob Brouhard’s “About First Aid” guide, which sends email updates automatically when he writes a new article. He has three really good ones from the past few days – “Disaster Preparedness”, “Disaster Communication” and “Disaster Supplies”. Great stuff, rather than recap it here, I recommend if you are interested see what he has to say.

Disaster Preparedness – It never hurts to be prepared

Disaster Communication Plan – make sure your family stays in contact during a disaster

Disaster Supplies – how to survive disasters without preparation

I will say I have a few thoughts to add, one in particular is that he mentions in the “supplies” article that if you are told by authorities to evacuate, to grab some stuff and your keys and go. I would just recommend everyone give that some thought first.

You’re not the only one being told to go. Everyone is. There’s going to be traffic bottlenecks, most likely the streets filled with all the motorists who may or may not be at their emotional best. Cars may not be filled up with gas and might stall and block traffic while everyone is trying to get out at the same time. I would say that at a minimum, plan your route well in advance, like now. Know which roads get around and know where you are going. “Grab your keys and go” is what most people will be doing, and they will go … where? Start thinking about it now, and start planning if this … then that … way ahead of time.

I also thought it was a great reminder that old cell phones will still call 911 if they can power up and get a signal. In a disaster, it’s not as likely you’ll even get through to 911 … but it’s not a bad idea to keep an outdated cell phone with a charger in each car in case of another (non-disaster) related emergency like being stranded, stalked, in an accident with no one else around, etc.


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