Perfect storm alert – Heinz ketchup at Bi-Lo

Last Sunday’s paper had a 40 cent coupon for Heinz, which would double to 80 cents, plus there is a coupon for Buy Two Get One Free in the Publix coupon booklet, plus Heinz 32 ounce ketchup is Buy One Get One Free at Bi-Lo, plus if you get 3 bottles, a voucher for $2 off your next grocery purchase will print at the cash register.

Regular price = $2.89 … BOGO brings it down to $1.45 … get three of them for $4.34. Use 3 of the Heinz coupons and that takes 80 cents off each, bringing it down to $1.94. Use the Publix competitor’s coupon and get $1.45 off (the third one free), bringing it down to 49 cents for all three. BUT IT GETS BETTER … a voucher will print at the register for $2 off your next purchase, and it is store credit, it is not a coupon, so you can use it on anything. That means you will get 3 bottles of ketchup and make $1.51 profit for yourself!

Price is good through Tuesday, so hurry!


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