Total waste of time crap Coupon how-to books – don’t be fooled!

I’ve done a lot of research in this area and purchased about two dozen (in print) books that discussed the ideas of saving money, couponing, food storage, and budgeting ideas. I found there were very few original ideas that were useful, and most of what was out there was copycat and available for free online without much work. I was very, very disappointed with some of the books that were sold. They  had made good use of keywords and made it sound like their material was different, but it wasn’t. Some were a total waste of time and money. There were even a few that I suspect were either rushed to print without being edited, or were written by illiterate morons. Some were so full of spelling and simple grammar errors, problems in layout, obvious mistakes, that I would only guess the writer was either not very bright, too rushed to bother editing, was only used to using social media and had no educational training in actual writing, or that they are just total jerks out to cash in on someone else’s idea and take your money and their lack of respect for the reader shows in their sloppy work. I saw a few books that used large letters, triple spacing, enlarged useless graphics, and might only have a sentence or two on a page so they could space it out and make the page numbers larger so they could seem like they had a bigger book than they did. Here’s some of the ones I bought, and here’s where you might not want to waste your time


  1.  The Elite Grocery Shopper: Principles to save your Hard Earned Money (English and Spanish Edition) This one was the worst. Nothing in this book that you can’t figure out yourself from some very basic websites, even more basic than mine. Full of errors. Absolute waste of time and money.
  2. How to Receive Free Groceries This one just made me angry. Not really a book, not worth the money. I was shocked at the positive reviews, either they are inexperienced with the material and were being nice because they didn’t know any better, or they are also jerks trying to trick you into spending money. I was fooled and I am sorry I paid for this trash. I thought at first I would give the author the benefit of the doubt, but then I saw she wrote two more “books”, Kindle versions but still charged for them, one was FIVE pages for 99 cents and one was TWELVE pages for $2.99. I no longer think this is an innocent mistake from someone who was new to the genre, but I am sure this is a jerk looking to ride on the coattails of other better books by using the same keywords and hopefully fooling people. Shame on those who gave it those fake, misleading, false reviews – they might be “verified purchasers” and “top reviewers”, and I haven’t figured out what their games are, but they are either innocently misinformed or ripoff jerks.
  3. Cut it Out and Start Saving: A Guide to Effectively Using Coupons and Obtaining Money from Unexpected Resources Repackaging freely available blog stuff, and not even in-depth or detailed blog items, and calling it a book. Posting a receipt from 2006 is something that you do on a blog in 2006, where someone can actually use your methods and go to that store and get those deals, not something you fill a printed book with. 72 pages, and I use the word “pages” loosely. Thin, small, light, not a real book. Embarrassing. Waste of money.
  4. BOGO Buy 1 – Get 1 Free!: Save 00 Or More Each Month On Your Favorite Groceries Not as horrible and obviously a ripoff as the others, but I’m not giving this one a pass. Lots of outdated information. You can boil the basic suggestions of the book down to about two pages of tips that are easily available online for free. The book is 108 pages, and has been somewhat assembled with some thought to organization, but is full of details from many years ago and long before the book was written. The author even says “the letters … were written over a span of years. The events they describe and the information they include … may no longer be timely…” that would be okay if they were USEFUL, but they aren’t. The letters he is talking about are just people thanking him for being so smart and so helpful. It’s like reading a 108 page advertisement for I Am Wonderful So You Should Give Me Money To Tell You Stuff You Can Find Out For Free Because Look At All These People Who Love Me! He’s a writer, apparently one who has been employed since sometime in the 70’s or something, so he should know better. What an embarrassment.
  5. How to Become An Extreme Couponer: The Best Step by Step Guide for Extreme Couponing 58 pages for $9. You should be ashamed of yourself. And if you click on “look inside the book” and see what a “page” really is, its about two paragraphs, or even just a few sentences. The book doesn’t even begin until page 9, the margins are set to squeeze the text way in the page, and the pages are small. There are about ten words to a line. Just so that you’ll have an idea, this sentence has twelve words. Each page has six to twenty-four lines of text before it breaks to the next page. Large amounts of white space in between the paragraphs. THIS IS NOT A BOOK.
  6. Beyond Extreme Couponing: How to Save More at the Grocery Store (Volume 1) This one really drives the point home … twenty-six pages TOTAL. And if you want to know if it is a thoughtful, well-written, intelligent and extremely useful 26 pages … just look at the back cover (available for free when you click “look inside this book”). I mean, really. She has also written a 20 page book on a similar topic.

One thing you might notice, authors very frequently offer hard-luck stories as their lead-in or as how they define themselves on their biography pages. This is intended to soften your view of them and make you less likely to criticize, because only a hard-hearted cretin (like … I guess me…) would actually judge their work on its MERITS instead of feeling sorry for them and giving them a pass because they had something terrible happen. They had a death in the family, they had multiple kids and health problems and no job, they had hardships and struggles and sorrows and boo-hoo days galore. Guess what cupcake, we all did. If you are trying to waste other people’s time, money, and valuable emotions on your worthless, lazy, useless, mediocre-to-horrible writing, and putting it out there and charging money for it, then I don’t care about your sad backstory, you are a jerk. There are plenty of worthwhile, useful and interesting books written on this subject by knowledgeable, educated, careful and respectful authors who deserve to be supported, and they may or may not have a hard-luck story of their own.

These books I listed and might have unfortunately wasted my money buying have no merit, you should not support these authors, and if you gave them a positive review, I hope you can find peace with yourself as you are abusing the trust of others who would believe you.


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