Important updates for Bi-Lo and Food Lion

I don’t shop at Food Lion that often for a couple of reasons – they don’t double coupons, they don’t accept competitor’s coupons, and there’s no extra benefit to shopping there like fuel perks. However, sometimes even with all things considered, they have a great deal and I go out of my way to get it. Also, proximity, it’s not far from the other stores, so I can go there for the printable coupons (special machine at the front door of the store) and if it’s not something I want to use right then at Food Lion, I use them at Bi-Lo and Publix.

Food Lion’s coupon machine recently changed, now instead of printing coupons, when you scan your card, it automatically loads the coupons onto your card. That means the coupons will only be good at Food Lion, and only on that day. No more using them at Bi-Lo or Publix.

It’s okay because I check their markdowns often anyway. For most meat, $1.50 per pound is my “definitely buy as much as possible” price, since most meat is at least double that. Food Lion’s fresh cut/ground meat will get significantly marked down. I got 6 packages of ground turkey, 20 ounce packages for $1.85 each. I split them into ziploc bags and froze them. There was also sausage, ground chicken, and ground beef at very reasonable prices.

Bi-Lo has a new program, I’m actually not sure how new it is but I’m just now finding out, where if you build up your fuel perks and end up paying less than $1 for a tank of gas, you will automatically get another $1 per gallon (equal to $20!) credited to your next round of fuel perks. Wow. I regularly build up fuel perks, and I’m almost there. Tomorrow when the prices change I have a lot more plans to get to that magic number! I’m at $2.05/gallon now, I’ll update after with how I did!

According to the directions, you can take the under $1 receipt to a Bi-Lo store or you can register online at the Bi-Lo website.


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