Great deals at Publix and Bi-Lo this weekend

I’m going out of town, again, but just for a few days this time. I ran errands yesterday and made sure I had all the convenience stuff I mentioned in my previous post so my family could eat at home, cheaper than fast food, and better for you too. These were the best deals I found:

  • Peanut butter and jelly for $1.69 each at Bi-Lo! Get it now! There’s no coupon for either, but these are awesome prices on my family’s favorite brands! I’m so excited I can’t stop typing exclamation marks! Jif Peanut Butter 16 ounce and Smucker’s jelly and jam – the 32 ounce size – for $1.69 without a coupon. Wow!
  • Smart Balance buttery spread (all varieties including spray) at Publix for Buy One Get One Free, and there’s a 50 cent printable coupon that doubles, which means you can get a 15 ounce tub of spread for 85 cents. Awesome deal.
  • Brawny single roll paper towels for BOGO plus there is a 55 cent off coupon (doesn’t double) so you can get a large roll for 45 cents. I know that’s more expensive per roll than some other brands, but if you look at the square footage, Brawny rolls are larger than the economy brands and they are more durable, so you’re getting more for your money.
  • Check the fresh baked bread items at every bakery at Bi-Lo! They recently had a lot of BOGO sales, which means a lot of the fresh items were half-off already. And, once they are out a day, they put a “hot price” sticker on them for even more off. I got hot dog rolls (which we use as sub rolls) and seeded buns (which we use for sandwiches, garlic bread) that were normally $3.99, marked down to $1.99, then a “hot price” sticker for $1.50 off, making an 8-roll pack of fresh and tasty bread for 49 cents.
  • Fuze 2-liter drinks are Buy Two Get One Free at Publix, plus there are BOGO coupons, so while the normal price is $1.99 each, reduced to $1.33 each, minus $1.33, means if you get two, you’ll pay $1.33 for both.
  • LAST CHANCE for your best price on Duke’s mayonnaise – the Publix booklet had $2 off of two squeeze bottles, plus there was a 40 cent coupon in the Sunday paper that would double, so if you get two of the squeeze bottles, they are normally $3.59 each, but you would pay $3.58 for two bottles using one Publix coupon and two Sunday paper coupons. It never gets better than that – Duke’s rarely goes on sale for more than, like, 30 cents off, and it’s rare to have both a store and manufacturer’s coupon at the same time. The store coupon expires on the 18th.
  • Look at the back page of the Bi-Lo flyer – it’s basically a pick your own sale thing. If you buy any combination of 5 items listed, you get an additional $5 off. It’s everything from toothpaste, to vegetables, to laundry detergent, vitamins, dog food … any 5 will get you $1 off each. You definitely need something that’s on that list. And the $5 off does not change even if you use coupons. When they have a sale like that, I always go for the fresh items, since it’s rare to get a coupon for fresh items.

Hope this helps! Everyone have a great weekend, I am off to the land of no internet and no cell phones for about 5 or 6 days and I’ll be back with next week’s suggestions then.


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