I learned a new word today!

It’s called “stashbusting”. Those of you who are into thriftiness, crafts, saving money, and do-it-yourself projects probably learned this word before I did. I just ran across it today, although I’m familiar with the concept. The definition is “completing craft projects with the deliberate intention of reducing your stock of materials”. I really like that idea. My life goes through phases, the main three I experience are:

  • Expansion
  • Contraction
  • Transformation

Pretty much any part of my life can be explained this way. The part of the year when I am stockpiling is “expansion”, the part of the year when I am just cleaning out my freezer and living off my stockpile is “contraction”, and the part of the year where I get bored with the standard things I always fix and I go on a tear getting new recipes and trying them is “transformation”.

Same with other parts of my life. I start projects, accumulate items, use them, change the project, clean a room, move furniture, clear things out to sell at the flea market, and on from there.

I have lots of unfinished projects right now. I box them up and move them out of the way, then get back to them another time. Sometimes I do “stashbusting” and stick with the projects until they are done, then get rid of the rest of the raw materials by selling or giving them away, and sometimes I just accept it’s not a project I even want and I start something else.

These are the main categories of stuff that I have collected tons of raw materials and just haven’t made a lot of progress:

  • Cooking/cookbooks/recipe organization
  • Quilting
  • Scrapbooking
  • Sewing, repairing and modifying clothes, altering clothes that don’t fit
  • Crochet
  • Jewelry making
  • Basket weaving
  • Organizing my china collection
  • Something with tin boxes that I have a ton of that I haven’t figured out what to do with yet
  • Herb gardening
  • Something with re-usable plastic containers that are sturdy and that I was planning on decorating
  • Something with ribbons and baskets that I keep collecting and haven’t figured out yet

Yeah, there’s lots of stuff. I’m going to pick a project and stashbust my accumulated materials and actually accomplish something. It’s actually going to be difficult to figure out what, but each of these things takes up a noticeable amount of space, so I can’t just accumulate forever. I’m leaning towards getting the herb garden going. I’ve been collecting seeds, seedling starter pots, fertilizer, gardening tools, and related materials for a couple of years, and never get around to doing it. It’s something useful and enjoyable that I really think I want to do.

How about you, what unfinished projects do you have? If there’s any you want to stashbust, how do you plan to make it happen?

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