A shortcut to your Price Tracker

By now, you’ve learned how to track prices the old fashioned way … you review circulars and note the lowest price on the items you want to buy. This serves a few purposes – you learn the trends for pricing on your most-purchased items, you will develop a mental checkpoint for what’s really a “low price”, and if you do have to dash out the door and buy something right now, you’ll know when you’re doing the best you can given the short time frame and the given circumstances (no coupon, etc.).

It’s hard to find a website that actually does that for you for the stores you want to shop for the items you want to buy. That’s easy to explain. No one else is YOU. Every website, every blogger, they all have their own goals to pursue. Either they make revenue off the ads they display or the links they list, or they live in a region that doesn’t have your particular stores, or they don’t have access to exactly what’s inside your head so they don’t have a way to organize the site around you.

For my site, I’d like to try to help, but I’ll fall short too. There’s a website that I’ve used in the past that will allow customized lists and instant look-ups for one item (such as, toilet paper, cat food, etc.) so you can find the lowest price now. It’s rare I’ll link to another website, but in this case, this one has actually helped me. It’s not free. The other free websites you’ll find will have similar drawbacks to what I mentioned – because, if they are offering it for free, they have to make it worth their while somehow. This site costs me $10 every other month and for that I can look up the prices on common items on demand at the stores I actually frequent – Bi-Lo, Publix, Rite-Aid, and Dollar General.

It’s called The Grocery Game, and I’ve reviewed and tried a lot of sites, this one has been worth the money.

The Grocery Game


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