Tip for last-minute savings

If I suddenly find out I need to buy something right away, I check online for that particular retailer before leaving the house. Just in case they have a coupon or discount code on their website that I can bring with me. Several stores also allow the coupons right on your smart phone – Dollar General, Michael’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, and a few others will give either a scan-able bar code coupon that can open on your smart phone and the cashier can scan, or a code that you can show the cashier that they can enter for the discount. Or sometimes we have an opportunity to meet a friend or relative for a dinner or lunch – sometimes without much warning, so I check online for discounts with restaurants and sometimes the deals can really be a huge relief!

Some aggregate sites are worth joining to get the deals emailed to you. I recently joined Saveology and get  deals emailed to me, and I have a folder in my email called “coupons” where I save the emails so I can glance through it before I leave the house to see if I need to bring anything with me.

Like we just found out we are out of a certain kind of light bulb we need that fits one certain overhead light – I thought I had extras but I don’t – failure on my part to stock up! Anyway, it has to be done today, so I’m checking my “coupons” folder to see if anything will help me.

If you want to sign up for Saveology for the restaurant deals, here’s the link:

Save up to 50% off your next restaurant bill – EXCLUSIVE 2-day trial to Saveology Dining Club – Limited Time Offer!

Dining out is something we rarely do but if we have the chance we don’t want to break the budget. Having a little extra help is great.


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