Quick notes on good deals

I check the Petco coupons page once a month, they always have something for free. This time it’s a can of Friskies cat food. Keep in mind this is a store coupon, so it still can be combined with a manufacturer’s coupon, at either Petco, Petsmart, or any other store that takes competitor’s coupons (like Bi-Lo).

Petco coupons page

On that coupons page, also snag the $5 off Beneful dry dog food, because there is a currently active manufacturer’s coupon for $2 off a bag of Beneful. $7 off is a great deal on any size Beneful – but of course, grab the smallest size!

Also, prices change on Wednesday for Bi-Lo and Publix. Penny item day is Wednesday for Publix. I didn’t go shopping this week because all I needed was some fruit and salad, which I got at the local farm stand, and there weren’t any great deals this week. I have plenty of rainchecks to cash in on but I skipped it this week because I have some great plans for Wednesday.

Warm up your printer and catch up on the coupons this week if you haven’t already, because starting Wednesday there are some really great Buy One Get One Free at Bi-Lo, I haven’t seen Publix yet but they’ve been on a really great streak of BOGO’s lately too, so it’s worth it to be prepared! Also, if you haven’t done it already, get online to Publix and Bi-Lo for the e-coupons so there’s less to carry with you to the store. And if you do not do coupons, just do the online ones!

And get signed up with SavingStar before you go and digitally grab all the deals there too. Nothing to carry with you in the store and it does not interfere with your coupons if you do use any – just money after the fact for stuff you were going to get anyway.

On Wednesday, do these two things and you’ll save extra – get the penny item mystery coupon from the front section of the daily newspaper and you’ll get something or other for a penny at Publix (last week it was peanut butter, before that it was macaroni and cheese dinner, paper towels, always something useful!); and stop by Food Lion and CVS for their instant coupons that are automatically generated at the machines when you walk in the door.

Links below!

The major coupon sites that will list an aggregate of manufacturer’s coupons are:

Some stores also use e-coupons, loaded by your loyalty card or using your phone number. Go to the website and sign up, that way you don’t even have to print these coupons, you will automatically have them deducted at the checkout line.

Some stores also have their own printable coupons, or they may take competitors coupons. It’s worth it to print these out to match with the manufacturers coupons for double or better on the discount!

Don’t forget that just by walking in the door at Food Lion and CVS, you can get extra coupons printed at their automated machines. You scan the card in the machine’s reader, and it will print out coupons just for you. Some have very short expiration dates (several of the Food Lion ones are meant to be used that day!) so pay attention, but these may be very useful on your trip.

If you do not already do this, I would recommend trying SavingStar. This is a program separate from coupons, you can shop as you normally shop, with or without coupons, and when you use your store loyalty card, savings are automatically posted to your account and you can claim the money online with Paypal. It won’t change anything about your checkout process.

Link to sign up for SavingStar


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