The cash register does NOT control you!

I hope that I have convinced you that no matter what level of time you can commit to saving money, you can at least do something to save money. Wouldn’t you rather spend it on something else that isn’t consumed, or save it for something more meaningful? Spending so much money on groceries, that you just eat, that just disappear with nothing to show for it, and knowing that in a few days you’re just going to have to spend that money again, and the money is just gone, it’s a terrible feeling. Facing down that cash register screen with it’s cold, uncaring “Total Due” number can be daunting if you are on a tight budget.

Taking away that feeling of discomfort is very empowering. Knowing that you WILL NOT PAY WHAT THEY TELL YOU TO PAY, YOU WILL PAY WHAT YOU WANT TO PAY is amazing for your self-confidence, and your budget. It is not necessary to spend so much money on food and gas and other stuff that just gets used up. Spend it on things that count, things that give you pleasure and comfort, things that will make memories, or save the money for a future goal. Whatever you spend now on groceries, if you could take 75% of that and spend it on something else just by putting some time and effort towards figuring out how, why NOT do that?

You see all the suggestions I have and you think it’s too much, that you can’t figure it out, that it takes too much time. So, you’d rather just lose money, week after week, you just keep putting it off, and every day that goes by that you do not commit to taking time to save money, you will keep losing money and giving up on other things that you and your family would rather have instead.

I get it. It seems like there are dozens of things to remember and too much to do, so you do nothing.

If you just picked ONE strategy to save money, you’d save SOMETHING. Give yourself a little victory. Pick something simple that you can do, that you won’t feel overwhelmed in trying, and that you will see a difference when you do it.

If you want to narrow down the posts in this blog to just the ones that are easy to implement, click on the categories labeled “Start Here” or “Quick Tips” for some of the easiest ideas.

I will soon post my “Beginner Class” notes that will have an outline of the absolute easiest things you can do to make a difference THAT VERY DAY to save money. There’s no excuse anymore. Food and gas costs are out of control. Unless you have more money than you know what to do with, in which case why are you here, you need to take your budget seriously.

Psych yourself up for it, do whatever you need to do in order to develop a positive attitude and get ready to feel IN CONTROL for once at the cash register. You could watch “Braveheart” for inspiration, and then, in your best William Wallace voice, bellow at the checkout counter:

“For too long, you have had dominion over me. You have made me feel helpless and afraid in my own town. You have taken away too much from me for lo these many years. But today, today is different. Today, on this battlefield, I will show you that you are no longer my master. You might take away some of my time, but as of now, you will never again take my MONEY!!!!”

And MEAN it. Commit, and you’ll never look back.

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