Great day at Publix today!

The mystery penny item was a six-pack of Publix bottled water! Everyone needs that in their stockpile. I always keep a bottle or two of water in every vehicle, when I’m out running errands, it helps to have a drink with me so that I don’t give in and buy one (at way too much!) in a convenience store.

I didn’t have a big shopping trip today, just had to cherry-pick some really good deals and a few things I needed. Here’s what made it in my cart today:

  • 6-pack of Publix bottled water, one penny
  • 8 cans of Red Gold tomatoes, buy one get one free at 69 cents each, plus I had enough coupons for $1 off of two, which means I paid 19 cents per can
  • Marzetti dressing – usually kind of fancy and really tasty, regular price is $3.69 a bottle. It’s on sale for Buy One Get One free (BOGO) and there are $1 off coupons inside the store – so the price ends up being 85 cents a bottle!
  • Prego large spaghetti sauce jars, regularly $3.77 each, BOGO plus $1 off coupons, for a price of 89 cents a jar
  • Garland Jack barbeque sauce, on sale for $1, minus a Publix coupon for 75 cents off, total 25 cents
  • Sheba cat food cans – on sale for 50 cents. Back when they were first introduced and every can had a “Buy One Get One Free” sticker on it, I bought a lot and saved the stickers. Here’s the great part. they are on sale for 50 cents each. BOGO coupon for 50 cents off, which doubles, which means BOTH cans are free. I’ll get free cat food for as many stickers as i have.
  • Cheez-Its BOGO, minus $1 off coupon, AND I have a coupon for a dozen free eggs if you buy 2 boxes of crackers.
  • Dozen eggs, free with coupon
  • Bananas, chickpeas, a few other things I needed without a coupon

Total before coupons was $59.22, total I paid after coupons was $11.14.

There are many other deals at Publix. I was short on time today, wanted to get the penny item, and just wanted to pick some hot deals. I’ll probably be back this weekend to get the rest of the stuff on my list.

Look for the coupons for those items – if you are missing any, there are lots of printables (Red Gold, Marzetti, crackers, etc.). Also, like I mentioned before, even if you stop in the store for just a few things, walk down every aisle and get the extra coupons to save for next time. I picked up coupons for yogurt, cheese, microwave meals, chili, and peanut butter while I was in the store. I saved them in my coupon folder and they will be there when I need them.

In case you are missing any printables, see the list below (or any of my posts that mention “coupon links”).


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