REALLY embarrassing update …

I originally posted this story in June of 2011. I ran across it today and realized … wow … I am actually still NOT DONE with this project. That is not like me at all! Usually if I start something, it drives me nuts to stop until I finish it. But, almost two years in, I still have a pile (slightly smaller than in 2011) of CDs on my desk and I still “la la la!” and get started playing one and forget all about the task at hand! Well, here it is, the repeat of my lament from June of 2011:


OK, it’s my own fault, I bit off more than I could chew. Everyone remembers in the 80’s and 90’s when all music was on CDs. And, for a while until your car and everything else had a CD player, if you wanted to listen to the music anywhere you put the songs you wanted on tape. Then, your computer had the ability to record CDs, so you could make a mix-CD and play that everywhere. Now everything is digital and I don’t know when was the last time I bought a CD because I buy a download when I want a song.

I have a 20+ year accumulation of CDs, and lots of duplicates, and around the end of last year I got an MP3 player free (promotion with Office Depot) as well as a speaker set and in-car player so I decided to go digital and put all my CDs on the MP3 player and free up the space the CDs were taking up.

That was like October or November of 2010 and I got so bogged down with it I’m not even one-third finished yet. My problem is I keep playing the CD’s … getting sidetracked … I don’t think I will ever finish. I’m all “Ooooh … La Bouche! Vanilla Ice! Hammer! The Outfield! OMD! Color Me Badd! Wrex N Effects! Who the heck is ‘Snow’? Oooh … DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince!” and there are piles of CDs that keep getting moved around my desk but only get slightly smaller. I already gave away the handy CD spinner organizer that used to house them cleanly and efficiently.

I’m not sure whether to be more embarrassed by my failure to organize properly or my taste in music.



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