Great day at Bi-Lo today!

A few tips –

There are some displays with coupons in the aisles at Bi-Lo. One is in the pasta aisle, it is for a free box of Southern Home pasta with the purchase of 2 jars of Ragu pasta sauce. The other one is by the mayonnaise – it is for $2 off of fresh chicken with the purchase of Hellmann’s mayonnaise. Both great deals, considering there are active coupons right now for both Ragu and Hellmann’s!

Anyway, had a great day at Bi-Lo today. I stuck to my list and only got a few extra things that weren’t on the list. Total before coupons and discounts – $118.71, total I actually paid was $16.61.

If they are going to keep handing me free/cheap stuff, I will keep showing up to collect it! If you aren’t clipping coupons, you can still save a lot of money. See my previous posts on using your loyalty card, buying only things that are Buy One Get One Free, and comparing prices to get the best deal. Usually, even with buying fresh items and produce and meats, I’ll save at least 75% when I add coupons in to the mix. Without coupons, you can still save 25% to 50% by looking for the best deals ahead of time and only shopping the Buy One Get One Free. Today by combining the Price Tracker (to get the lowest price), Buy One Get One Free, manufacturer’s and competitor’s coupons, I saved almost 85%. This is what ended up in my cart:

  • 2 packages of Hefty foam bowls
  • 2 packages of Hefty foam plates
  • 4 packages of Mardi Gras napkins
  • 2 boxes of Scotties tissue
  • one jar of Mt. Olive pickles
  • 2 bags (4 lb) of Dixie Crystals sugar
  • Tabasco sauce
  • 8 cans of diced Del Monte tomatoes
  • 4 cans of Contadina tomato sauce
  • 4 boxes of Mueller’s 100% whole grain pasta
  • 3 packages of Uncle Ben’s ready rice
  • 2 bowls of Uncle Ben’s rice
  • 4 boxes of Mueller’s Hidden Veggies pasta
  • 2 lbs of Butterball turkey sliced at the deli – on manager’s special at $2.99/lb, plus I had $1/lb coupons for each
  • plastic wrap
  • 3 bags of dog food
  • Smart Balance buttery spread
  • Lettuce, green peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes

Tomorrow, don’t forget to check the front section of the paper for the Publix Mystery Item – they always have some full size item for one penny with the coupon. It’s always worth it! Sometimes it’s paper towels, or cookies, or apple juice … could be anything.


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