Ups and Downs with Dollar General

It’s true, even though they have a very clear and easy to understand explanation posted on their website, at each individual store they have their own interpretation. You never know what you are going to get. This is a story I posted a while ago, but it was worth re-sending here! I do this a lot – if I have extras, I’ll pass them out to people in line behind me. Just a few days ago, I was in Bi-Lo and they had the sale with Chef-Boyardee cans. I was only buying four but I had enough coupons for many more. The woman in the cart behind me had a toddler with her and she had a bunch of the cans, so I gave her one of the ones I had left that I knew I wasn’t going to use. Anyway, here’s my story from a past Dollar General experience.


You’ve seen on the forum many people have real ups and downs with Dollar General. The cashiers don’t understand coupons, managers make up their own rules, no one seems to have a printed policy to go by, and every coupon is subject to interpretation (a common one is the “limit one per purchase” being interpreted as YOU CAN ONLY USE ONE COUPON EVER SO SHUT UP AND PAY FULL PRICE AND GO AWAY!!!). Today was a real exception! I went to the DG closest to my house and didn’t need much, but I did have coupons for what I needed, so I braced myself. At this same DG depending on who was at the register I’ve actually been called a theif, been lectured about causing the store to lose money, been delayed and glared at and blamed for holding up the line, etc. but it all depends on who is there. I pulled up in front of the store and looked at the checkout line and was relieved to see a familiar cashier, one of the easygoing ones, one that has been there a while and doesn’t freak out easily. So, I went in and got my stuff. Today was also Super Saturday, where they had on their website a $5/$25 printable coupon. I had a few just in case there was more I needed to get. When I walked in, I couldn’t help but notice the cashier explaining a coupon to the woman checking out, and when the woman said she didn’t have one, the cashier GAVE her a $5/$25 coupon! I never see stuff like that. When it was my turn to checkout, I was third in line. The woman who was first had about $23 worth of stuff, and the cashier pointed out to her that if she got something worth just $2 more, she could use the $5 coupon and save $3 off what she was already getting. She said there was something else she wanted anyway, so she went and got the other item, and rang out at just about $21. Then the woman just in front of me had a cartful of stuff, and when the register hit $25, the cashier asked her if she wanted to do two transactions so she could use two coupons. She said “sure!” and the cashier rang that one out, gave her a $5 coupon, then rang the rest of it out and gave her another $5 coupon, and she saved $10 off stuff she was getting anyway. Then it was my turn. I rang out, had just about $26 worth of stuff (which I had figured out ahead of time) used the $5 off, then the other coupons, and paid about $14. The woman behind me said she had forgotten hers, so I gave her one, and I gave her the rest of my $5 coupons (DG isn’t on my list for the rest of the day so that was all I could use) to the cashier so she could keep the chain going. She gave one each to the other people in line and everyone was really surprised and happy and didn’t mind waiting the few extra minutes while the cashier helped everyone there maximize their deals. I still can’t believe it! It was a really positive experience and hopefully introduced lots of people to the concept and showed them how to pay attention and save money.


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