Great deals at Bi-Lo this week!

I had a great trip on Monday, and starting today there are some new deals. Some of the prices changed, there are some new Buy One Get One Free, and there are so many things that are on your stockpile list for the pantry and household! This is what I got on Monday:

  • Four cans of Wolf chili, regular price $1.99. Used 4 coupons for $1 each, and 2 competitors coupons for $1 off of 2. Paid $2 for four cans!
  • Lipton Recipe Soup Mix, regular price $3.26. Used $0.55 coupon that doubled, and a $2 off competitors coupon. Paid $0.16!
  • Knorr homestyle stock 4-pack, regular price $2.99. Used $1.25 competitors coupon and $1 manuf coupon, paid $0.74!
  • Four Campbell’s “Go” soup, regular price $2.99, used $1 competitor’s coupon and $1 manufacturer’s coupon, paid $0.99!
  • Uncle Ben’s rice, cat food, oranges, apples, grapes, mushrooms, meat, dish soap, napkins, other vegetables, dairy products …

Total before coupons and discounts was $178.14, total after coupons was $77.42. Not bad, considering a lot of the stuff I bought had no coupons (meat, vegetables, fruit). So far, I’m close to my $125 budget for the week, and I am getting WELL stocked in convenience foods, cleaning supplies, paper goods, canned goods, and recipe items. Also, we are all set for at least a week on fresh food and dinners.

Prices changed today for Bi-Lo. There are some great deals that will fit in for your stockpile. If you need to find any of the coupons I am referencing in my list, see ANY of the links to the left that mention “coupon links” for the printable versions. Anything else, you will find from your Sunday paper. Here are my suggestions:

  • Cracker Barrel cheese blocks for $2, use $1 off manufacturer’s coupon
  • Kraft Natural Cheese for $2, use $1 off manufacturer’s coupon and $1 off competitor’s coupon (Publix coupon)
  • Dixie Crystal Sugar for $1.99, use manufacturer’s $0.55 off coupon that will double to $1.10
  • Cuties 3 lb bag for $3.98, use $1 off coupon found in the paper
  • Bird’s Eye or Green Giant frozen vegetables, $0.88  and look in the printables for coupons!
  • Mt. Olive pickles B1G1 for $1.58, use $0.55 manufacturer’s coupon that will double to $1.10 off
  • College Inn broth B1G1 for $1.40, look for printable coupons
  • Bird’s Eye Steamfresh $1.42, printable coupons
  • Green Giant vegetable cans $0.75
  • Cool Whip $1.00, look for printable coupons for $1.00 off of 2
  • Mardi Gras napkins pack of 250 for $2, look for printable coupons for $0.55 off that will double to $1.10 off
  • King’s Hawaiian Rolls $2.50, bonus 5 cents fuel perks on 2 packages, manufacturer’s coupons for $1/2 and competitors coupons for $1/2, total would be 2 packages for $3 and an extra dollar off your tank of gas!
  • Smart Balance spread, Mueller’s Pasta, Kraft Salad Dressing, Arnold Bread, Thomas’ English Muffins, Scotties Tissues, all Buy One Get One Free, almost all have current coupons (several printables)

Good luck this week! I’m actually all done for the week but I’ll keep making notes on the best deals as I run across them.

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