Updated coupon link list

Manufacturer’s coupons will have a redemption address on them and can usually be used at any retailer that accepts coupons. Store specific coupons will have the store logo on them, no redemption address, and may or may not have a bar code on them. Store specific coupons might be accepted at stores other than the one listed, if you are at a store that accepts competitor’s coupons. This works out great if the store you are shopping at will accept BOTH a competitor’s coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon on the same item! This is why I like Bi-Lo and Publix, they are both very accepting in that area.

Coupon Network – they send me an email with the updated links, sometimes it links to ONE coupon, but just click on “Printable Coupons” at the top and it will show you all the coupons

Coupons.com – updated link. For some reason the link they sent me before stopped working!

Redplum.com – usually 3-5 pages of coupons. Select all the ones you want, then select the “Print” button at the bottom. You might have noticed that “Redplum” is also the name of one of the coupon inserts you will find in most Sunday papers. It’s the same company and often is similar or the same coupons, which means you can get twice as many!

Smartsource.com – Very easy to use coupon website. The print limit on most coupons is two, so this site will remove the coupon link once you have printed the limit. Makes it very easy to select the ones you want to print. Also, Smartsource is one of the inserts in most Sunday papers.

Dollar General – they have their own coupon page with their own store coupons. Dollar General will accept a manufacturer’s and a store coupon on each item, as long as you follow the terms. Warning here … each store is … I don’t know how to say this nicely …. trained differently … so just to be sure you don’t get yelled at or accused of stealing (both have happened to me) check with the manager of the store BEFORE using two coupons to be sure that they know this is okay. I have even gone to a Dollar General with a printed copy of the store policies in my hand and still been yelled at by a cashier that was not trained. Check with the manager first, usually they are accommodating. Hoo boy do I have some stories about Dollar General.

Family Dollar – they also have their own coupons, sometimes for national brands, sometimes for their own store brand. Again, just in case your Family Dollar is not as up on the coupon policy as some others, I recommend check with the store manager to be sure you are following their rules before trying to use two coupons per item.

Rite-Aid, Walgreen’s, CVS – Printable coupons, plus there are some extra goodies. Rite-Aid will let you load coupons directly onto your rewards card, so you don’t even have to print them out. CVS has a coupon printer right in the store, just bring your loyalty card and wave it under the scanner at the store and the coupon machine will print coupons just for you. Walgreen’s keeps booklets of all their coupons right at the front of the store, so you don’t even have to remember to bring your printed coupons with you, just pick up a new booklet when you walk into the store. Very easy, all of them.

Publix – you don’t need a store card for Publix, you can sign up online just using your phone number to have electronic coupons saved for you at the register. I used this on my last trip to Publix and it worked! You just enter your phone number on the PIN pad when you are at the register, and any coupons you can use will automatically be applied to your total.

Bi-Lo – if you aren’t already using a Bi-Lo bonus card, what are you waiting for? Gas is a zillion dollars a gallon, and every purchase you make at Bi-Lo counts towards your fuel perks. Yeah, I know Ingles has a program too, but Bi-Lo’s is a ton better. Bi-Lo also offers e-coupons that can load right on your card and automatically take off at the register.

Ingles has stuff too, but I never bother with them. The deals are the same as Publix or Bi-Lo, and you don’t get the perks that you get at Bi-Lo with the fuel discount (not nearly as good – read them side by side and you’ll see!), and they are really lousy about their coupon doubling rules. The rule is printed … I know … it is posted in every store … but don’t count on it. The rule is pretty much subject to change and interpretation by any given cashier at any given shift on any given day and you can’t expect any consistency. I’ve gone there with it all figured out and had their own creative interpretations change everything. So, I don’t bother. One thing I do know, the regular prices at Ingles ARE lower than the regular prices at Bi-Lo, so if there is something I do need right then, and it’s only one thing, and I don’t have a coupon, that might tip my purchase towards Ingles. But for couponing or fuel savings? Never mind.

Wal-Mart – again, I don’t bother. I don’t like their fuel (Murphy USA in our area), they don’t double coupons, the regular prices aren’t that much different, and the checkout process is painful and slow. If you go in for ONE THING (why would you?) it still takes forever to check out. Don’t get me started on the parking. I haven’t been in many years now, and I don’t see bothering to go back. I am not just being stubborn. Every week, I get their sale flyer. I still compare prices. I still price track my most common items. Side by side, it has not yet been worth it to go there.

Dollar Tree – very easy to deal with and they take manufacturer’s coupons! They have limits on printed coupons though, be sure you understand the policy (it is printed and posted in every store) before you checkout to save you some embarrassment. I usually go in for less than 10 things to keep it simple.

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