Coupon schedule and reminder – No coupons in holiday weekend papers

There are usually coupon inserts in every Sunday paper, but on holiday weekends, there are no coupons. Just wanted to send you a reminder if you are a coupon clipper not to be disappointed when on Easter, 4th of July, Christmas, and New Years weekends you won’t see a coupon insert in the paper. However I did notice that this year, for Easter, there is still the monthly Proctor and Gamble insert which has household cleaners, beauty and skin care products, and pet food coupons.

A Sunday paper costs $1.50 and you can buy them after Sunday by going to the Herald Journal office and buying one over the counter. If it is a weekend where there are lots of coupons you can use, you can see that your $1.50 will pay for itself in just a few useful coupons! If you get the HJ Weekly, I have also noticed that sometimes those have store flyers (which may have their own coupons – Michael’s, Walgreen’s, etc.) and sometimes a coupon insert but not with any regularity I can predict. I don’t know how they figure their inserts for the HJ Weekly so I don’t count on that having any coupons. When it does, great, but when it doesn’t, I don’t expect it.

I had called the Herald Journal office and was told I could get an extra Sunday paper, every Sunday, for an extra $7.50 per month per extra paper. I know a lot of people who do that if they use a lot of coupons. It’s worth it to them to get the paper straight to them every weekend. However, I don’t think that’s worth it for me. $7.50 is FIVE times $1.50, which would mean they are the equivalent of 5 weekends every month. As you can see from the list below, only June has five weekends in which you would have an insert! Several months actually HAVE five Sundays, I know that, but not every Sunday has a coupon insert. So … if you are busy and can’t make it to the Journal office to buy your extras after the fact, I understand, pay extra for the convenience of having them sent right to you. And it is convenient and you get it a day earlier than the rest of us. But for me, I’ll wait until a day I’m running errands anyway, then I’ll go by the Journal office and buy my extras.

Only you know what your family’s stockpile needs are. If you have a large family, you will need more of each item in order to stock up for six months to a year. A typical ratio I have seen is one extra paper per member of your family.

Here’s a copy of the coupon insert schedule for the remainder of the year:

Today – 2 inserts, March 31st – Proctor & Gamble only

April – 7th & 14th = 2 inserts
April – 21st = 1 insert, 28 = 3 inserts

May – 5, 12, 19, and 26 = 2 inserts

June – 2, 16, 23 = 2 inserts
June – 9 = 1 insert
June – 30 = 3 inserts

July – 14 = 2, 21 = 1, 28 = 3

August – 4, 11, 18 = 2, 25 = 3

September – 1 = 1 insert
September – 8, 15 = 2 inserts
September – 29 = 3 inserts

October – 6, 13 =2
October – 20 = 1
October – 27 = 3

November – 3, 10, 17 = 2
November – 24 = 3

December – 1 = 1 insert
December – 8, 15 = 2 inserts

If I did not list a particular week, it’s because there are no inserts scheduled.


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