Coupon links

If there is a particular product you like to get often, usually the manufacturer’s website will offer coupons. Not always. I go to the sites that offer coupons from multiple sources first, because that’s most efficient. I’ll check these main sites and get the coupons they offer, then if there is something in particular I am seeking that I can’t find on any of the main sites, I’ll search for the manufacturer’s website.

Coupons – note that this site will only load a page at a time of coupons, but there are usually 15-20 pages of coupons. You have to scroll down to the bottom of the clickable coupon list, and in the middle of the page will be a button that says “show more coupons”. Keep clicking on that until you have reached all the coupons you can print.

Coupon Network – note that the links they give me to post (I get an email once a month or so with new coupon offers) might go to one particular coupon, but you can view all their coupons by clicking on the “printable coupons” link in the top middle.



Major food, beverage, and beauty products manufacturers offer their own coupons on their website. Kelloggs, L’Oreal, Hormel, and many others will have printable coupons available. Check on the label of a product you like – chances are, you’ll see a website link. If you don’t, you can do an internet search for the product and you’ll find the website.

On most of the product websites, there will be a place for you to sign up for their newsletter. Again, I always recommend you set up an email address for these mailing lists, because you can quickly overwhelm your personal email with extras. I always sign up for the newsletters, because that is usually where they will email you the coupon directly. That way, you don’t have to remember to check websites and click on them often, you can be emailed directly when a coupon is available.

Here are some product websites that have coupons available to print:

Nestle coupons – recommended that you sign up for their newsletter to get the coupons emailed directly to you

Snackpicks – has Keebler and related products, plus giveaways, contests, and other offers

Cooking with Kraft – offers new coupons often, promotions with Publix, you do have to sign up for the newsletter first

Petco – most of the time, both Petsmart and Petco will take each other’s coupons

Purina coupons – pet food coupons

You name it. Guacamole, eyeshadow, cooking oil, canned beans, anything you use regularly, you can buy it for less if you are willing to put the time in to find the coupons. I’ll help and post whatever I can directly, and I do recommend you sign up for their newsletters so you can be notified directly from the company when they issue new coupons.

There are many coupons out there that require you to be on Facebook and “like” them to print the coupon. I miss out on those because I’m not on Facebook and hopefully never will be as long as I live. Just my preference. I miss out on a lot of coupons that way, often the Facebook ones are higher value than the ones in the Sunday paper, but for me, I don’t care. If you are on Facebook, you’ll get many more coupons than I will.


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