Deals at Publix and Bi-Lo this week

If you have time to clip coupons, you can already tell there will be a great deal at both stores starting tomorrow. If you do not clip coupons, you will still have many opportunities to save at least 50% using just the Buy One Get One Free deals – there are lots of them! And at Bi-Lo, you also earn Fuelperks (money off per gallon of gas, up to 20 gallons), for extra savings. It’s a simple program. Using your Bi-Lo store loyalty card, you get the special price, and an extra 5 cents off per gallon ($1 off per tank of gas) for every $50 you spend (BEFORE coupons!!), plus bonus cents off for certain items. The flyer that starts tomorrow is chock full of fuel perks bonus. Cheese, mayo, convenience food, bottled water, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, cereal, fruit, bread, bleach, dog food, cat food, baby formula, butter, yogurt … and about 30 other items. If you ONLY buy what is on your grocery list anyway, you will save bonus 5 cents ($1/tank) for every two items plus the regular 5 cents ($1/tank) for every $50. On my list, I’m going to spend about $125 before coupons and will earn $1.35 off per gallon of gas – or $27 off the whole tankful. After applying the coupons, I’ll be spending about $38, which is a net savings of $114 – $87 savings in coupons and $27 savings in gas.

Publix has a mystery penny item every Wednesday. Check the front section of the newspaper, you’ll see the mystery item coupon. Cut that out and bring it with you. If you buy $10 worth of items at Publix and the mystery item, you’ll get the mystery item for a penny. Also, the $10 is counted BEFORE coupons – I make it a challenge every Wednesday to get as much as I can and only spend $1 or less. My best so far is $0.77 – it will be fun to try to beat it! I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

By the way … I don’t talk about these stores because they pay me to or ask me to (I wish!) just because they are the ones I have found work best for me for saving money. I’ve tried all the grocery stores in town and I consistently do better at these two.


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