If you see advertisements on this blog

Hi! Quick note because I saw something today I hadn’t seen before. There are some advertisements that show up embedded in my posts. I didn’t put them there. I’m sure it’s because I am using the “free” version of WordPress and not paying them anything, so instead, they make money off the ads if people click on them or view them. I don’t blame them, they are giving away the usage of their website and software for free, so they gotta make a living somehow. Totally understandable. I just wanted to let you know I didn’t put them there, can’t control the content, have no idea where the ads lead to or what they are advertising. I know on many sites, if you click on the ads, the person with the website can make money off of it, but that’s not the case here. I don’t make any money from them or benefit from them at all. I haven’t (as of yet) put any of my own pictures or ads in the blog, so any pictures you see, are attached to an ad that someone else controls. Just wanted to clear that up.


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