First of the month, new coupons

New coupons are released online throughout the month, but the largest collection will be released around the first week of the month. Now is the best time to check for coupons you can use.

Coupons – note that this site will only load a page at a time of coupons, but there are usually 15-20 pages of coupons. You have to scroll down to the bottom of the clickable coupon list, and in the middle of the page will be a button that says “show more coupons”. Keep clicking on that until you have reached all the coupons you can print.

Coupon Network – note that the links they give me to post (I get an email once a month or so with new coupon offers) might go to one particular coupon, but you can view all their coupons by clicking on the “printable coupons” link in the top middle.

Redplum – some new baking coupons this month!

Smartsource – a few new ones also!

The other best source of online coupons is the products themselves. For example, if you buy a lot of cereal, go to the Kellogg’s, Post and General Mills websites and sign up for their newsletters and offers. Once you enter your email address – NOT your regular email address, but the one you created specifically for newsletters and coupons – then they will do the work for you and email you directly with a link when new coupons come out. This is very common now and many product manufacturers do this.

I also check dollar store websites and retailer websites – Dollar General and Family Dollar often issue their own coupons.

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