Christmas money

There are several places in the Spartanburg area that will pay you cash for your items, it’s just a matter of what you are willing to let go of. You’ve heard all the ads for selling back your jewelry, silver items, and coin collections. I haven’t tried that yet, I just am not to that point yet. However, there are others that were a good fit for me.

Consignment shops – as I mentioned before, I just retired after 20+ years of working in marketing and sales, so I had tons of business clothes that were in  great condition. I was also a little surprised to find that I had some lurking in my closet that I had never worn that still had the tags on them! Good used clothes, preferably ones with timeless designs, neutral colors, and good labels will sell well at consignment shops. If you check the yellow pages for consignment shops, you’ll see several. They all have different rules, so check before you bring them your clothes. Some will only receive clothes on a certain day or with an appointment. Some want them on hangers, some say no hangers. Some will only take in certain types (coats, long sleeve, short skirts, etc.) at certain times of the year. Just check at each one for their rules to make it easier on both of you. As I’ve done various cleanings out of my closets, storage, and stuff I didn’t want to pack when we moved, I would take a load to a few shops and see if any of them were worth anything to them. It was really helpful for some extra spending money.

Flea markets – I’ve tried the one in Boiling Springs a few times now and have been thrilled with the results! The first time I went, I hadn’t grasped the concept yet, and I had only taken better stuff – things still the original packages, new store items, arts and crafts things, that sort of thing. When those didn’t sell, I started cleaning out closets, gathering up outdated or broken appliances, furniture we weren’t using, gardening supplies I didn’t need, shop tools we had duplicates of, and decorations. Score! I made eight times as much on that stuff as I did on the new present-quality items. It was a great experience and I plan on cleaning out all our closets and storage as much as I can for some extra Christmas money. I will also be trying the Chesnee one this week if I can get in (I hear they fill up quick), and maybe trying another one on a different day. If anyone wants to join me, let me know! I’d be happy to help if anyone else wants to try it.

Other consignment – there are lots of stores that sell baby clothes and furniture, or other specialty items. If you have a surplus of something that fits a particular category, check around for consignment stores that cater to that category.

A multi-family yard sale – if there are several of you out there that want to have a yard sale, we would all be more powerful together! A large yard sale would draw more people and be more successful. It’s an idea if anyone wants to jump on it. What do you think?

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