Getting more money

The blog posts will be light the next several days, for one reason – I am going to be accomplishing some projects that will get me more money for Christmas. I don’t have a job outside the home and do not plan on getting one, but I have some ideas on getting some spending money, and I’ll share them in case anyone wants to join me.

The yard sale/flea market in Boiling Springs is open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The owner rents tables for $5 each. In the past year, we have helped family members move 3 times and we have moved once ourselves, so we have an abundance of duplicate stuff. I’m going to tag it priced low to sell, and rent a table and go for it.

This will accomplish a few things – I can clear out some of these rooms that have too much “storage” in them, streamline and simplify our lives a bit, and get some extra cash.

I have some nice stuff that I like, but I barely use. And we have several appliances that are good, and work fine, we just ended up getting one that was a better fit for us at the time, and didn’t get rid of the original one. That’s how things end up in closets, the garage, under the deck, in a corner, etc.

Enough. I like a clean, minimalist look anyway, and if I have had something over a year and can’t figure out a use for it, and it has no sentimental value, someone else can find a use for it.

After I make a real attempt to sell the stuff, whatever doesn’t sell is going to Goodwill. Or some other thrift store/charity if anyone wants to make a suggestion to me.

If you want to join me at the flea market, let me know! We can rent a couple of tables and help each other out. You can find another home for stuff you don’t want anymore. And maybe end up with a little more cash for bills and Christmas presents.

I’m going to walk around the flea market this Wednesday and get a feel for things – what sorts of things do people sell, what are the going prices, what are some practices that work well, how do they lay out their tables, what seems to be popular, etc.

I’m going into it with some ideas but I will look for new ideas and see if I have a good feel for low prices. Last I saw, DVDs were going for about $1 or $2, a microwave might be $5 to $10, books were $0.25, that sort of thing. I’m going to skip doing anything with clothing because the high-end stuff I get more money by selling to a consignment shop, and the more utilitarian clothing will be donated.

After I check everything out on Wednesday I will post a report with the suggestions I found. Then probably Friday, and maybe Saturday too, I’ll be selling whatever I have ready.

If anyone wants to join me, email me or call me and let’s do it together!

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