How To find more coupons

Many store flyers, which you can get for free, have coupons in them. Usually, I find coupons in the Rite-Aid, Dollar General, Walgreen’s, Family Dollar, and mall store flyers (Belk, Sears, etc.). They will include these in the Sunday papers, and if you need more than one, at the entrance to every store they have their current flyer. You can take one each time you enter the store. Also, before you start your shopping, stop by the customer service counter and ask if they have any coupons. Publix always does, and some other stores do too. They don’t always set out their coupons for grabs because many people take a larger amount and they don’t get in as many hands. So, they’ll keep them behind the customer service counter, but if you ask, you’ll get one of each that they have.

Malls and Outlet stores also have customer service desks, often with coupons, specials and discounts.

Back to grocery shopping – walk through all the aisles, even if you don’t need something from that aisle. In most grocery stores, on just about every aisle is a coupon dispenser that changes week to week. I have found that in most cases, it is posted near the item it is a coupon for, however, in most cases, that particular item is not on sale that week. That’s okay, take the coupon anyway, and hang onto it. You’ll see most of these coupons are good for 30-45 days, and since most sales cycles are around 6 weeks, sometime within that time frame the item will go on sale and you’ll already have the coupon.

Watch for coupons that are adhered to items already on the shelf – be sure you peel those off and hand them to the cashier, as they frequently miss those. Some will actually state that they can only be removed from the package by the cashier – if that is the case, load those on the belt last, so that you will be paying attention and be sure the cashier peels it off and uses it.

Of course, there are many printable coupon sites that update daily. Watch out if you are searching online – there are many sites out there that just circle back to the same ones. The major printable coupon sites are Coupons, Redplum, Smartsource, and Coupon Network. You’ll even see commercials on TV for sites that claim to have printable coupons, but all they are is linking to these exact same sites! Rather than go in circles, go right to the sites. If you want, to make it easier, just bookmark this page or my “Every Morning” post and you’ll have the quick links right there. You don’t have to check them every day, but if you do, there are new ones every day.

I shouldn’t have to remind you not to throw away your Sunday paper. If you do not get the Sunday paper and don’t want to buy one on Sunday, just go to the Herald Journal office on Monday or Tuesday and you can buy one over the counter. They almost always have extras for sale!

The number of inserts and the value of the coupons changes every week. On holiday weekends, there are NO COUPONS.

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