What to do if the store runs out of a sale item

I don’t mind when a store runs out of a sale item, it actually can be good news for me. All you have to do is go to the Customer Service desk, point out in the flyer which one they are out of, and they will write you a raincheck. They re-stock everything within a few days anyway, and with rainchecks, you will have 30 days (or longer) to use them.

  • Publix rainchecks are good for 30 days
  • Bi-Lo rainchecks never expire
  • And so on – check the details on the rain check for the particular store
  • Your limit is 10 of whatever item – 10 lbs or 10 items
  • You can use coupons with raincheck items when you redeem them
  • Sometimes the store will be very specific, and might only write down the exact item they ran out of, such as “Suave 18 oz body lotion Wild Cherry Blossom” and sometimes they will just write it for what it says in the ad “Suave skin care”

It’s rare that I’m waiting until I’m out of something to buy it anyway, so getting a raincheck for me is like buying time. Now I have time to get as many coupons as I can get for that item and come back and buy it at the lowest price with coupons.


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