Don’t miss it – backpacks for $1.95, clearance on hand santizer and more

Office Depot is clearing out a lot of the school supplies, and these are not normal sale prices, these are prices way below what we usually see except once a year. If you need backpacks for any reason – kids, your 72-hour emergency kit, now is the time to get them. Office Depot has the Swiss Gear ones for $1.95, those are sturdy and good quality, I recommend get an extra one for next year! There were other brands and novelty styles for the same price, but I chose the Swiss Gear because of the quality.

I also noticed Purel 8 oz hand sanitizer for $0.44, normal price is around $2.50. Ziplock style storage bags were also under $1, and of course all school supplies were also about 1/10 to 1/4 the regular cost. I got a stapler with staples for $0.25, some zippered pencil pouches (which are the perfect size for organizing coupons) for $0.35.


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