Please add to this list – 72 hour emergency kit

Years ago, I went to a class teaching about a 72-hour emergency kit and brought home a list of suggestions. I’ve moved four times since then and can’t find the list. Luckily, online I found a good substitute at and will work from that list. Some items are a one-time purchase only, for those we will be checking year-round for good deals, and some are the kind you can constantly replenish and look for low prices in the everyday stores. You’ll notice some items are not for everyone – such as, you might not need diapers or denture care, or you may have pets that need supplies in case of emergency. But this seemed like a good general start. Please add your ideas to the list by commenting, and we’ll develop a master list that we’ll use to track prices.

To this list, I would add:

  • Vaccination record, rabies tag, and veterinarian information for all pets
  • Extra leash, collar, and tags for all pets
  • Portable water and food containers for all pets
  • Extra blankets, bedding, pet carriers for all pets
  • Clip-on fan for pet carriers, clip-on water dispenser and/or food holder
  • Pooper scooper and plastic disposal bags for dogs, cat litter and pan for cats, newspaper or similar for lining pet crates

We had a dog once who had injured his back, and while he was getting better he was heavily medicated and not able to get to his feet without help, so I had lined his doggie bed with the bed-wetting liners you can buy for cribs or toddlers. I think they were called Good Nites. Those were wonderful and they worked great, and they frequently have coupons and go on sale, so those are a good thing to stock up on if you have pets and might be facing an emergency where it will be difficult to have them go outside to potty per their usual habit.


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