Price Tracker update for Nov 5th and 6th

If your shopping day is Monday or Tuesday, it is time to stock up on PAPER TOWELS, TOILET PAPER, and TISSUES. Prices changed on Sunday for Dollar Tree, CVS, Walgreens, Target, Rite-Aid and Ingles. Also this week, I noticed a Fred’s Super Dollar flyer in the paper, so I figured in those prices also.

Note that for Food Lion, Bi-Lo, Walgreens, CVS, and Ingles you will need to have one of their loyalty cards to get the special price. For Rite-Aid, Publix, Dollar stores, and Target you do not need the loyalty card, (Publix currently does not offer one) but having one may qualify you for extra rewards.


Best prices on store brand toilet paper, keep in mind that most store brands have a lower square footage by about 25% than the name brands.

  1. Walgreens 12 count for $3.99, $0.33 each
  2. Dollar Tree 4 count 61 square feet which is about the same as 3 of the other rolls for $1.00
  3. Walgreens Nice! brand 6 count at buy 1 get 1 50% off
  4. CVS and Rite-Aid store brands 4 count for $2.50, or $0.62 each

Best prices on Charmin

  1. Food Lion 12 or 16 count for $5.99, $0.37 each for the 16 count
  2. Ingles and Bi-Lo both have the 6 mega rolls or 12 rolls for $6.99 or $0.59 each for the 12 rolls

Best prices on Cottonelle

  1. Walgreens 12 count for $3.99 or $0.33 each
  2. CVS 18 count for $8.99 or $0.50 each
  3. Ingles 9 or 12 count for $6.28, or $0.52 each on the 12 count
  4. Publix 12 count for $6.49, or $0.54 each
  5. Food Lion 12 double rolls for $7.49, or $0.63 each

Best prices on Angel Soft, which I have found tends to be a smaller roll than most

  1. Target has the 36 count for $15.99 or $0.44 each
  2. Walgreens has the 9 roll for $4.00, or $0.44 each
  3. Ingles has the 9 roll for $4.88, or $0.54 each

Best prices on Scott, which I have found tends to be a larger roll than most

  1. Publix has the 4 pack of mega rolls for $2.50 or $0.63 each
  2. Bi-Lo has the 12 pack for $7.49 or $0.63 each

Best prices on Quilted Northern

  1. Target has the 30 roll pack for $15.99, or $0.53 each
  2. Big Lots has the 4 pack for $2.50, or $0.62 each

You’ll see a pattern developing here. Most of the prices will hover around fifty cents a roll, with the brand that have smaller rolls around $0.40, the brands that have the larger rolls around $0.60 each.


Same with the paper towels, you have to watch the square footage, in general store brands have about 25% less than the name brands. You can expect a store brand to cost around $0.70 a roll, prices lower than that are your stock-up price. Name brands will typically cost $1.00 a roll, less than that is a stock-up price.

Best prices on store brands:

  1. Office Depot at the Hillcrest shopping center has a twin pack for $0.74 on clearance, will probably only last until they are sold! I don’t know if this is every Office Depot or just that one. I recommend grab it while you can.
  2. CVS has their Earth Essentials brand 8 pack for $3.99, or $0.50 each
  3. Walgreens has their store brand 8 pack for $3.99, or $0.50 each
  4. Rite-Aid has their store brand for $0.97 a roll

Best prices on name brands

  1. Big Lots has the Sparkle 3 pack (which tends to be a smaller roll than other brands) for $2.50 or $0.83 each
  2. Rite Aid has Scott 8 pack for $6.99 or $0.87 each
  3. CVS has Scott mega 6 roll for $5.49 or $0.91 each
  4. Food Lion and Bi-Lo both have the Scott 8 mega roll for $7.49 or $0.94 each
  5. Ingles has Viva 6 rolls for $5.88 or $0.98 each


This is where quantity is easier to figure out. Every store has its own store brand, they don’t always post the prices in their sales flyers. Since regular prices on boxes of tissue are usually around $1.0o to $1.50 depending on size, there is usually not a huge variation in price. Rankings of the best deals are actually pretty close in price, with the exception of  a Buy One Get One Free- that’s when you want to stock up!

  1. Walgreens has several Kleenex sizes Buy One Get One Free
  2. Rite Aid has Kleenex large packages for $2.00, 240 count, which is a very good deal since usually the 56 count is around $1.00
  3. Target, Publix, and Food Lion all have Puffs or Kleenex at around $1.00 to $1.30 for medium-size boxes

My recommendations for toilet paper are the Cottonelle at Walgreens and the Scott at Bi-Lo. Prices are good until Saturday, November 10th for Walgreens and Wednesday, November 7th for Bi-Lo. Stock up on Kleenex at Walgreens. For paper towels, my first choice is the Office Depot and grab as many as you can from clearance. If you don’t make it to Office Depot, I’d recommend buy the Walgreens deal since you’ll be going there anyway for toilet paper and Kleenex.

Of course, if you have coupons, you can make adjustments on your Price Tracker sheet with the updated prices, and that may skew the numbers a bit.

Starting Wednesday, lots of prices will change, so I post an update for shopping Wednesday through Saturday for some other Personal Care items. Please check my master list and add to it by commenting if there are any other items you think we should be tracking in order to stock up on this category.


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