Buy this weekend – paper towels, toilet paper, facial tissues Nov 2-3

If you have updated your Price Tracker sheets, you’ll see some clear winners in this area. The big unknown when dealing with paper goods is the square footage. There is no standard in this area. Every brand names their own size and square footage varies greatly. I did not take that into account when ranking the items to purchase, mainly because I have found that while you are stocking these items, they take up roughly the same space, with the exception of store brands, which do tend to be smaller than the name brands. In the future, if prices really start to spread, I will also chart square footage covered. For the current purposes, when price points are within pennies of each other, we will assume that store brands are about 25% smaller than name brands in general.


  1. Office Depot clearance 2 rolls for $0.74, at $0.37 each, it is the best deal even considering the loss of square footage
  2. Walgreens store brand at 8 rolls for $3.99, or $0.50 each
  3. Dollar General Sparkle brand towels 6 pack for $4.00 or $0.67 each
  4. Rite-Aid Bounty 12 pack for $10.00 or $0.84 each
  5. Ingles Bounty 6 or 8 pack for $6.99, or $0.87 each on the 8 pack
  6. Food Lion and Bi-Lo have the Scott 8 pack mega rolls for $7.49 or $0.94 each, in this case Bi-Lo wins because you can get the total counted toward your fuel perks (all things being held equal, always pick Bi-Lo for maximum benefits)
  7. CVS Bounty 6 pack for $5.77 or $0.96 each
  8. Publix store brand single rolls for $0.99 each
  9. The rest of the list is all $1 or over – may be worth it if the square footage is significantly higher, but in this case, I feel the store brands in #1 and #2 are the better deal.


  1. Walgreens store brand 12 count for $3.99, or $0.33 each
  2. Food Lion Charmin 16 rolls for $5.99 or $0.37 each
  3. Dollar General Angel Soft 12 rolls for $4.95  or $0.41 each
  4. Walgreens Angel Soft 9 rolls for $4.00 or $0.44 each
  5. CVS Charmin 12 pack for $5.77 or $0.48 each
  6. Rite Aid Charmin 20 count for $10.00 or $0.50 each
  7. All others are over $0.50 a roll, so unless you have a really good coupon, stick with the ones listed above


  1. Walgreens Kleenex 50, 75, 90 and 184 at Buy 1 Get 1 Free, check the price to be sure it is LESS THAN $0.99 FIRST
  2. Rite-Aid has the Puffs 56 count also at B1G1, again check it first! The best posted price I have is $0.99, so be sure it is less before buying
  3. CVS Puffs 95-108 and 48-68 count for $0.99 – this is a great price, so stock up if you find that Walgreens and Rite Aid are disappointing
  4. Ingles Puffs 96 count for $1.00 also a great price, if you are going to Ingles anyway for groceries, absolutely stock up at this price. It’s worth it to get it here if you are already here for something else rather than make an extra trip somewhere else for pennies difference.
  5. Publix also has Puffs 56 count for $1.00, a good price, but note it is a lower quantity than Ingles
  6. Target has multi-packs of the Puffs in a 6, 8 or 10 pack for $8.99, worth it if you are already going to be on the West side of town and are already planning a trip to Target.

Note that tissues are tight in price all around and there are much fewer sales. You can expect to pay about a dollar per package. Worth it to pick it up at whatever store you are already shopping at, just pay attention to the brand, watch your lowest price point, stock up below that low price point, and save coupons because as you can see it makes a huge difference! For example, right now there is a coupon for $0.25 off of 3 packages of Puffs. That means at Ingles, you could get the large size (96 count) for only $0.50, since they will double the coupon. HALF the price for the LARGE size box.

Note that toilet paper and paper towels are all over the place in price. This is also where it would pay to save coupons. I have coupons for $0.25 off a single roll of Bounty paper towels, which would really change the price on several of those choices, plus I have a coupon for $1.00 off a 12- pack of Angel Soft bath tissue. Once you have your Price Tracker sheet filled out, figuring in coupons will take you to the next level of deals and show you where you can really stock up.


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