Go now – best deals in Spartanburg today Oct 31st 2012

This is what I found today, I recommend if you need any of these items get them while they are still around!

Office Depot at the Hillcrest shopping center:
Purell hand sanitizer, 8 oz, on clearance for $1.00

Petco at the Hillcrest shopping center:
Free cans of cat food, they have coupons in the store for Fancy Feast, plus there are coupons for the freebies on the Petco website. Also check the clearance counter! I scored $116.00 worth of dry cat food, an entire cart full, for less than $20.

Publix at the Hillcrest shopping center:
Check their clearance counter! I saw canned soup, rice mixes, lots of personal care and baby items, all for 50% or better off. While you are there, stop by their service counter and request one of each of their store coupons. Save those store coupons for a visit when you can coupon, but for the clearance items, with or without a coupon, those are at a stock-up price.

Bi-Lo on Fernwood:
Seriously, drop what you are doing and go there now! I didn’t have time because we had dinner plans but I saw MANY discounts in the deli and meat areas – so much if I had time I’d have filled a cart and both my freezers. I grabbed 4 lbs. of chicken leg quarters for less than $2. Sara Lee sliced meats were on clearance for $2.99 from $4.99, plus they have a display right above it with 75 cent off coupons, which would give you prepackaged lunch meat for $2.24. All the meat was clearing out – today is a perfect storm of the last day of the month plus the first day of the new pricing, I saw 50% or better on ground beef, ribeye steak, pork, chicken … if I have time, I will be back tomorrow! Also, the premium cheeses at the deli area, which are normally way out of my price range, there were many with the “hot price” markdowns to 40% to 50%. Their pre-made deli items were hit and miss marked down, there were whole cooked chickens normally $5.99 with $2.50 off “hot price” stickers, plus cut cooked chicken, pasta salads, Buitoni fresh pasta, hummus, and spreads at 30% to 50% off. All that is without you having to track down any coupons – they have the coupons on stickers right on the items. If you need meat, cheese, sauces, or deli items, get there fast!

Hibbett Sports at Hillcrest –
The moisture-wicking running socks are on sale, plus if you sign up for the Hibbett’s email newsletter, you will get a coupon for $10 off a $20 purchase and they will email you that coupon regularly. Worth it if you have active members in your family.

Mall –
Check GNC. They had way more stuff on clearance than I have ever seen. It is usually just an end cap of one aisle, but they had parts of three aisles with “clearance” marked on them. Prices were okay, better than usual if you are into this stuff. Most appeared to be around 25% off but I did see several at 50% off. My family regularly takes multivitamins, joint support vitamins, and liver cleanse products. I was able to get some good deals plus they always offer extra free samples and I had a coupon for a free nutrition bar.
While you are at the mall, go to Bath and Body Works! They are giving away coupons that will be perfect for Christmas shopping – I received a “2012 gift guide” with coupons for Free Item Of Your Choice with $15 Purchase, $10 off $30 purchase, Save 20% on Your Entire Purchase. Also a separate $10 off $30 coupon, and they offer a survey at the bottom of the receipt for $10 off your next $30 purchase. Don’t forget – there is a Bath and Body Works Outlet store in Gaffney, and they have massive discounts – most everything I buy there is 75% to 90% off. $30 worth of stuff that is 90% off is actually $300 worth of stuff, then put a $10 off coupon on top of that, then add a free item, and you will have over $300 worth of fun gifts you can give (or keep for yourself!) for $20. I don’t see any restrictions on these coupons saying they can NOT be used at the outlet, so I will try it and let you know how that goes!

That’s all the time I had for the mall, but that wasn’t the end of my day.

Walgreen’s – they are offering a $25 gift card for transferring a prescription. If you have insurance that covers prescriptions, usually by this time in the year you have met your deductible and maybe also your out-of-pocket, so you might be able to get your prescription cheap or free. I did this and paid nothing for my allergy medicine refill, and left with a $25 gift card.

Harbor Freight Tools – amazing how much stuff that is on your 72-hour kit list is at this store. You have to stay disciplined and stick to the best price items though, and remember you can get one free thing per day, so I only bought one item at regular price (was able to use their 20% off coupon), one coupon for a sale item, and one free item. I stop by there every time I am running errands and never spend more than $3 and always leave with 3 items. Today, I got a magnesium fire starter for my emergency kit, a sturdy pair of multipurpose scissors, and a roll of electrical tape, and paid $2.78. Value of the items before discount was over $10.


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